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1547 Impatient Poverty Interlude offered for acting Anon
1550 Lusty Juventus Interlude offered for acting Wever
1555 Jack Juggler Comedy offered for acting Anon
1558 The Life and Repentance of Mary Magdalene Interlude offered for acting Wager, L
1559 The Longer Thou Livest the More Fool Thou Moral offered for acting W. Wager
1559 Patient and Meek Grissil Comedy offered for acting Phillip
1560 The Disobedient Child Interlude offered for acting Ingelend
1560 Robin Hood
Robin Hood and the Friar
Robin Hood and the Potter
May Game Play offered for acting Anon
1560 Enough is as Good as a Feast Moral offered for acting W. Wager
1565 King Darius Moral offered for acting Anon
1567 The Trial of Treasure Interlude offered for acting W. Wager(?)
1568 Like Will to Like Interlude offered for acting Fulwell
1569 The Most Virtuous and Godly Susanna Interlude offered for acting Garter
1571 New Custom
(Nugize (New Guise))
Moral offered for acting Anon
1572 The Conflict of Conscience Moral offered for acting Woodes
1576 Common Conditions Heroical Moral offered for acting Anon
1576 The Tide Tarrieth No Man Moral offered for acting Wapull
1578 1 Promos and Cassandra Comedy unacted? Whetstone
1578 2 Promos and Cassandra Comedy unacted? Whetstone
1579 The Marriage between Wit and Wisdom Interlude offered for acting Merbury
1605 Caesar and Pompey
(The Wars of Pompey and Caesar)
Roman History unacted? Chapman
1607 Timon of Athens Tragedy unacted? Shakespeare
1618 Hans Beer-Pot
(See Me and See Me Not)
Dialogue unacted? Belchier
1627 Antigone, The Theban Princess Tragedy unacted May
1628 Albovine, King of the Lombards Tragedy unacted Davenant
1628 Lodovick Sforza Tragedy unacted? Gomersall
1633 Love's Riddle Pastoral unacted Cowley
1634 Love in Its Ecstasy,
or The Large Prerogative
Pastoral Tragicomedy unacted Peaps?
1635 Pleasant Dialogues and Dramas Dialogues unacted? T. Heywood
1635 Adrasta,
or The Woman's Spleen and Love's Conquest
Tragicomedy unacted Jones
1637 Mortimer His Fall (incomplete) English History unacted Jonson
1637 The Sad Shepherd,
or A Tale of Robin Hood (incomplete)
Comic Pastoral unacted Jonson
1637 The Spring's Glory Mask unacted? Nabbes
1637 The Ward Tragicomedy unacted Neale
1637 The Sad One (incomplete) Tragicomedy? unacted Suckling
1638 2 The Cid Tragicomedy unacted? Rutter
1638 The Siege,
or Love's Convert
Tragicomedy unacted? Cartwright
1639 The Phoenix and Her Flames Tragedy unacted? Lower
1639 The Unfortunate Mother Tragedy unacted Nabbes
1640 Sicily and Naples, or the Fatal Union Tragedy unacted? Harding
1641 The Distracted State Tragedy unacted? Tatham
1642 The Court Secret Tragicomedy unacted J. Shirley
1642 The Change Political Allegory unacted? Fane
1642 Andromana,
or The Merchant's Wife
Tragedy unacted? "J.S."
1642 The Queen of Corsica Tragedy unacted? Jaques