Sussex's Men

NOTE: The roles listed for any given actor do not necessarily coincide with roles that actor played while associated with this company. The listed roles reflect the complete extant corpus of that actor's career. Neither does the list necessarily suggest a chronology of performance. Though the listings are accurate, the scholar is nevertheless cautioned to research further.

See Gurr, Andrew The Shakespearian Playing Companies, Oxford UP, 1996.

Listed alphabetically

Adams, John

(fl. 1576-1588). Actor (Sussex's 1576; Queen's 1583-88). [ES ii, 296 [full citation] ; Nungezer, 1 [full citation] ]

?Perkins, Will

(Dates unknown) Actor(?) (Sussex's). [Nungezer, 278 [full citation]]

This name slips into the text of GEORGE A GREEN, is possibly the actor's name;

Tarlton, Richard

(b. >1550 (Candover, Shropshire?)—1588, buried 3 September, St. Leonard's, Shoreditch). Actor (Leicester's?, Sussex's 1578; Queen's 1583-1588), playwright. [ES ii, 342; iii, 496 [full citation]; Nungezer, 347 [full citation]; Austin, 'William Withie's Notebook', 309 (1947) [full citation]; Eccles, 'Actors IV', 172 (1993) [full citation]; Wills, 57 (1993) [full citation]]

Dericke & Judge, FAMOUS VICTORIES OF HENRY V; undoubtedly the most popular and famous comedian in the Elizabethan age.

Taylor, John (III)

(<1599). Actor(?) (Sussex's). [Nungezer, 366 [full citation]]

actor's name apparently slipped into text of GEORGE A GREEN; possibly same John Taylor (II), chorister of St. Paul's 1594–1598;