Shakerly Marmion

acted December 1631

a synoptic, alphabetical character list


Agurtes is an Imposter and master of Autolicus. The two work together to gull Trimalchio, setting up Agurtes' daughter Milliscent as a lady and her maid Margery as a Gentlewoman. In the guise of a constable, Agurtes arrests Trimalchio for rioting; in the guise of a Justice he then releases Trimalchio upon the plea of the supposed lady Milliscent. He succeeds in wedding his daughter to Trimalchio by the play's end.


Antonio is a false name given for Milliscent's father.


Ardelio is assigned to manage Philautus' estate. However, he mismanages it, removing items from the home and depositing them-along with a mistress-in the home of Jeffry. Ardelio loses his position when his dishonesty is discovered by Philautus.


Autolicus is an apprentice Impostor to Agurtes. Impersonating a watchman, he helps arrest a group of men at the bawdy house. Impersonating the Justice's clerk (named Brisco), he assists in the sentencing of the men just arrested.


This unnamed Madame complains of how little money is brought into her house. She fits the visiting Ardelio with a whore sound in "wind and limb."


This Boy's small role is to announce visitors to Agurtes.


Brisco is the name used by Autolicus in impersonating a Justice's clerk.


Capritio is Triphoena's brother. On his sister's request he goes with Trimalchio, and he courts Margery, who is disguised as a gentlewoman serving Milliscent. He weds Margery at the play's end.


A "ghost character." An unnamed Constable is said to have come calling at the bawdy house.


Faustina is the sister of Philautus. She is convinced by Fidelio to take part in a scheme to prove to Philautus that there are women who are indeed chaste and worthy. She acts the part (which indeed represents her own personality) of such a lady to Philautus, not knowing that it is her own brother for whom she is performing. She is soon to wed Fidelio.


Fidelio is friend to both Philautus and Snarl. He is determined to make Philautus admit that there are indeed virtuous women in the world-an interesting task considering that Philautus is a married man. He convinces Philautus' sister Faustina to take on the role of the beautiful woman whose passion is like ice, and she plays the role to perfection, though neither she nor Philautus recognize each other in the performance. Fidelio is soon to wed Faustina.


This First Whore remarks that citizens think whores must study physic, for the whores know the constitutions of men's bodies extremely well.


Jeffry is a servant of Philautus. He has been responsible for most of the important management efforts for the estate, for Ardelio has taken to removing items from the home and has installed a mistress in Jeffry's home. When Ardelio loses his position at the play's end, Jeffry hopes to profit by Ardelio's loss, but he is arrested by Snarl for aiding and abetting Ardelio.


Lord Philautus is married to Triphoena and is enamored of himself, constantly bragging about his looks and insistent that there is no such thing as an honorable woman. Fidelio tricks Philautus by presenting the disguised Faustina as a paragon of virtue; as a result, Philautus is to treble Faustina's dowry as she weds Fidelio. Philautus also fires his estate manager Adelio for dishonesty.


A "ghost character." Malchio is the father of Trimalchio and does not appear in the play.


A "ghost character." The Bawd states the Marcus Manitius, who does not appear in the play, is the Lord of her house.


Margery is maid to Milliscent, daughter of Agurtes. She is set up as a gentlewoman and is courted by Capritio as part of a scheme to gull Trimalchio. She ends the play by wedding Capritio.


Milliscent is the daughter of the Impostor Agurtes. She is set up as a lady in a scheme of her father's to gull Trimalchio. She weds Trimalchio at the play's end.


As tutor to Capritio, Miscellanio is determined to improve his status. Upon hearing the "lady" Milliscent's name mentioned in Trimalchio's reprieve, Miscellanio visits that lady and tries to win her love. He challenges Trimalchio, but when Milliscent chooses Trimalchio as her preferred suitor, Miscellanio decides instead to resume his old courtship of Quartilla.


Used as though it were a proper name by Agurtes in his Justices' disguise, a mittimus is the name for a writ sent from a justice to a prison keeper ordering receipt and imprisonment of the person named in the writ.


As guardian for the Bawd and whores, the Pandar admits guests to the bawdy house.


It is this Second Whore who notes that citizens often refer to the bawdy house as the Leaguer.


Snarl is friend to Philautus and Fidelio. He feels that dissembling is the proper way to live one's life and sees effeminacy in both genders. At the end of the play, he dresses as constable and arrests both Jeffry and Ardelio.


The son of a recently deceased usurer, Trimalchio is a ready mark for Agurtes and Autolicus. He is convinced that the woman presented to him by Agurtes is a fine lady, and he is all too willing to do his best to win that lady. Arrested after rioting in a bawdy house, Trimalchio is taken before the disguised Agurtes and then released through a plea from Milliscent. At the play's end, Trimalchio discovers that Milliscent, whom he has wed, is Agurtes' daughter.


Though wife of Philautus, Triphoena has a very small role in the play. She seems ashamed of her brother Capritio and has hired a tutor to help refine him. She also requests that Trimalchio take Capritio under his wing, an adventure that results in Capritio's involvement in a bawdy house and marriage to a waiting-maid.