King's Revels Men

NOTE: The roles listed for any given actor do not necessarily coincide with roles that actor played while associated with this company. The listed roles reflect the complete extant corpus of that actor's career. Neither does the list necessarily suggest a chronology of performance. Though the listings are accurate, the scholar is nevertheless cautioned to research further.

The King's Revels set up in 1629 and began performing at Salisbury Court playhouse. The name "Revels" suggests that the company would report directly to Henry Herbert, Master of the Revels.
From Gurr, Andrew The Shakespearian Playing Companies, Oxford UP, 1996.

Listed alphabetically

Barrett, John

(II) (circa 1620-40). Actor (King's Revels 1634-40). [Nungezer, 30 [full citation] ; JCS ii, 359 [full citation] ]

Messallina, MESSALLINA;

[?]Bedowe, Ellis

(b.1611; fl. 1635). Actor (King's Revels?). [Nungezer, 35 [full citation] ; Gourlay, 'Wasp' (1943) [full citation] ; JCS ii, 362 [full citation] ]

Cartwright, William (I)

(fl. 1598-1636—a William Cartwright was buried at St. Giles's, Cripplegate in 1650). Actor (Admiral's-Prince Henry's-Palsgrave's 1598-1624; King and Queen of Bohemia's; Red Bull-King's; King's Revels; Queen Henrietta's 1635). (Father of William Cartwright (II)) [ES ii, 310 [full citation]; Nungezer, 86 [full citation]; Greg, Dramatic Documents i, 53 (1931) [full citation]; JCS ii, 402 [full citation]; Haaker, 'Plague', 297 (1968) [full citation]]

actor, FORTUNE'S TENNIS; Moor, Pisano, BATTLE OF ALCAZAR; Nobleman, Attendant, Hostage, Captain, and Bohar, 1 TAMAR CAM; Claudius, MESSALLINA;

[?]Cartwright, William (II)

(circa1606-86). Actor (Norwich 1635; Queen Henrietta's 1635-40; after Restoration). (Son of William Cartwright (I)) [Nungezer, 87 [full citation]; JCS ii, 404 [full citation]; Haaker, 'Plague', 297 (1968) [full citation]; Oliver, 'Building of the Theatre Royal' (1972) [full citation]; George, 'Early Cast Lists' (1974) [full citation]; Wills, 225, 238 (1993) [full citation]]

(all Restoration revivals) Corbachio, VOLPONE; Morose, EPICOENE; Sir Epicure Mammon, ALCHEMIST; Lygones, KING AND NO KING; Brabantio, OTHELLO; Falstaff, HENRY IV; Cacafogo, RULE A WIFE AND HAVE A WIFE; actor, SISTERS;

[?]Dover, Anthony

(fl. 1634-5). Actor, wardrobe keeper. [Nungezer, 117 [full citation]; JCS ii, 425 [full citation]; McMillin, 'Jonson's Early Entertainments', 160 (1968) [full citation]]

[?]Ferret, James

(fl. 1635). Actor at Norwich. [Nungezer, 134 [full citation]; JCS ii, 434 [full citation]]

[?]Field, Henry (II)

(fl. 1635). Actor (noted at Norwich). [Nungezer, 135 [full citation]; JCS ii, 434 [full citation]; cf. William Field.]

Gibbs, Edward

(fl. 1634-43). Actor/fencer (Revels 1634, Cockpit 1639). [JCS ii, 442 [full citation]]

Goad, Christopher

(b.1596; fl. 1623-40). Actor (Queen Henrietta's 1630-34; King's Revels 1634?; Queen Henrietta's 1635). [Nungezer, 154 [full citation]; JCS ii, 445 [full citation]; Haaker, 'Plague', 297 (1968) [full citation]]

Oxford, KING JOHN AND MATILDA; Forset & Spanish Captain, 1 FAIR MAID OF THE WEST; Duke of Ferrara, 2 FAIR MAID OF THE WEST; Silius, MESSLLINA;


(fl. 1639). Actor(?). [Nungezer, 155 [full citation]; JCS ii, 445 [full citation]]

referred to in Rawlin's REBELLION.

Hall, William

(fl. 1632-48). Actor (Prince Charles' (II) 1632; King's Revels 1634). [Nungezer, 171 [full citation]; JCS ii, 458 [full citation]; Bergeron, 'Actors', 27 (1972) [full citation]]


Hammerton, Stephen

(circa1615-1648<). Actor (Revels 1629-32; King's 1632-48). [Nungezer, 173 [full citation]; JCS ii, 460 [full citation]; Stevenson, 'First Irish Theater', 159 (1942) [full citation]; Bentley, 'Salisbury Court Theater', 139ff. (1977) [full citation]]

began as a noted beauty as a woman-actor and later switched to playing young male lovers; Oriana, WILD GOOSE CHASE (1631 revival); Amyntor, MAID'S TRAGEDY; ?Ferdinand, DOUBTFUL HEIR; ?Master Wild, PARSON'S WEDDING;

Harris, John

(d.1660). Actor (at Norwich 1635). [Nungezer, 174 [full citation]; JCS ii, 462 [full citation]]

Hart, William

(d.1650). Actor (Revels; King's 1636-7). [Nungezer, 177 [full citation]; JCS ii, 463 [full citation]]

Haughton, Hugh

(circa1600?-1634<). Actor. [Nungezer, 178 [full citation]; JCS ii, 464 [full citation]]

Holman, Thomas

(fl. 1630). Actor (noted at Reading). [Nungezer, 195 [full citation]; JCS ii, 475 [full citation]]

Johnson, Richard

(fl. 1634). Actor (King's Revels). [Nungezer, 205 [full citation]; JCS ii, 483; also cf. 618 [full citation]]


Jordan, Thomas

(circa1620-85?) (Jordain). Actor (King's Revels 1634; Ireland 1637-8), playwright. [Nungezer, 212 [full citation]; Stevenson, 'First Irish Theater', 155 (1942) [full citation]; Gourlay, 'Wasp' (1943) [full citation]; JCS ii, 487; iv, 678 [full citation]; George, 'Early Cast Lists' (1974) [full citation]]

Lepida, MESSALLINA; actor (possibly as Captain Penniless), MONEY IS AN ASS; In the Restoration Jordan wrote the prologue for The Moor of Venice introducing the first professional actress to the regular English drama (ignoring Mrs. Coleman's Ianthe in the operatic Siege of Rhodes of 1658);

Kempston, Robert

(fl. 1629-33) (Kimpton, Knipton, Kempton). Actor (provincial King's Revels). [Nungezer, 225 [full citation]; JCS ii, 491 [full citation]; REED York, 593 (1979) [full citation]]

Kendall, Richard

(circa1584->1635). Actor (noted at Norwich 1635), wardrobe keeper at Salisbury Court). [Nungezer, 223 [full citation]; JCS ii, 491 [full citation]]

Loveday, Thomas

(1601?-1671) (Loffday). Actor (noted at Norwich 1634; Netherlands 1644-5; Restoration). [Nungezer, 238 [full citation]; JCS ii, 498 [full citation]; Freehafer, 'London Patent Companies', 21 (1965) [full citation]]


(fl. 1635). Actor (noted at Norwich) (= Mathias Morris?) (misread by Murray as 'Maivrin'). [Nungezer, 244 [full citation]; JCS ii, 506 [full citation]; REED Norwich, 218 (1984) [full citation]].

May, Edward

(fl. 1631-41). Actor (Prince Charles' (I) 1631; noted at Norwich 1635; Queen Henrietta's 1635-40). [Nungezer, 249 [full citation]; JCS ii, 509 [full citation]; Haaker, 'Plague', 297 (1968) [full citation]].


Minion, Samuel

(fl. 1634-5). Actor (named in the company license 28 November 1634 and noted at Norwich 1635). [Nungezer, 252 [full citation]; JCS ii, 511 [full citation]].


(fl. 1635). Actor (noted at Norwich). [Nungezer, 252 [full citation]; JCS ii, 511 [full citation]].

Morris, Mathias

(fl. 1634). Actor (King's Revels) (cf. Mawrice). [Nungezer, 256 [full citation]; JCS ii, 515 [full citation]].


Robinson, John

(d.1641, buried 27 April, St. Giles's, Cripplegate). Actor (King's Revels 1634). (Husband of Elizabeth Gunnell Robinson) [Nungezer, 300 [full citation]; JCS ii, 549 [full citation]; Cerasano, 'Players' Wills', 302 (1985) [full citation]; Wills, 201 (1993) [full citation]]

Saufellus, MESSALLINA;

Sands, Thomas

(fl. 1634-5). Actor (noted at Norwich 10 March 1635). [Nungezer, 311 [full citation]; JCS ii, 560 [full citation]; Brown, Lady Mother, xiii (1959) [full citation]]

Stretch, John

(fl. 1635). Actor (noted at Norwich). [Nungezer, 340 [full citation]; JCS ii, 580 [full citation]]

Thompson, Samuel

(d.1652?). Actor (King's Revels 1634). [Nungezer, 374 (Tomson) [full citation]; JCS ii, 600 [full citation]; Wills, 235 (1993) [full citation]]


Tosedall, Roger

(fl. 1635). Actor (noted at Norwich). [Nungezer, 376 [full citation]; JCS ii, 602 [full citation]]

Wilbraham, William

(b.circa 1608; fl. 1626-40). Actor (Queen Henrietta's 1626-30; King's Revels 1635; Queen Henrietta's 1635-40). [Nungezer, 391 [full citation]; JCS ii, 619 [full citation]; Haaker, 'Plague', 297 (1968) [full citation]]

Isaac, WEDDING; Bashaw Alcade, 1 FAIR MAID OF THE WEST;

Williams, George

(fl. 1629-35). Actor (Red Bull company 1629; noted at Norwich 1635). [Nungezer, 392 [full citation]; JCS ii, 619 [full citation]]

Williams, Walter

(fl. 1635) (Willyams). Actor (noted at Norwich). [Nungezer, 393 [full citation]; JCS ii, 620 [full citation]]

Wintershall, William

(d.1679; fl. 1639-79) (Wintersall, Winterscale, Wintershull). Actor (Salisbury Court; Restoration). [Nungezer, 398 [full citation]; JCS ii, 623 [full citation]; Freehafer, 'London Patent Companies', 7 (1965) [full citation]; Oliver, 'Building of the Theatre Royal' (1972) [full citation]; George, 'Early Cast Lists' (1974) [full citation]]

Young, John

(fl. 1626-40). Actor (Queen Henrietta's 1626-34; King's Revels 1634; at Norwich 1635; Queen Henrietta's 1635-40). [Nungezer, 403 [full citation]; JCS ii, 628 [full citation]; Haaker, 'Plague', 297 (1968) [full citation]]