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1533 Witty and Witless (Wit and Folly) Disputation Closet(?) J. Heywood
1540 Acolastus Neo-moral Closet Palsgrave
1558 Iphigenia in Aulis Tragedy Closet Lumley
1559 Troas Tragedy Closet J. Heywood
1560 Thyestes Tragedy Closet J. Heywood
1561 Hercules Furens Tragedy Closet J. Heywood
1561 Hercules Oetaeus Tragedy Closet Queen Elizabeth I
1563 Oedipus Tragedy Closet Neville
1566 Octavia Tragedy Closet Nuce
1566 Agamemnon Tragedy Closet Studley
1566 Hercules Oetaeus Tragedy Closet Studley
1566 Medea Tragedy Closet Studley
1567 Hippolytus Tragedy Closet Studley
1568 Free-Will Moral Closet Cheke
1574 An Interlude of Minds Moral Closet Anon
1574 The Glass of Government Moral Allegory Closet Gascoigne
1575 Abraham's Sacrifice Tragedy Closet Golding
1581 Thebais Tragedy Closet Newton
1588 Andria Comedy Closet Kyffin
1590 Antonius Tragedy Closet M. Herbert
1591 Phillis and Amytas (Ivychurch. Amyntas' Pastoral) Pastoral Closet Fraunce
1592 Menaechmi Comedy Closet Warner
1593 Cleopatra Tragedy Closet Daniel
1594 Cornelia (Pompey the Great His Fair Cornelia's Tragedy) Tragedy Closet? Kyd
1596 Mustapha Tragedy Closet Greville
1598 Terence in English Collection of Comedies Closet Bernard
1598 The Virtuous Octavia Tragicomedy Closet Brandon
1600 Alaham Tragedy Closet Greville
1601 Pastor Fido 2, or The Faithful Shepherd Pastoral Closet? Dymock?
1603 Darius Tragedy Closet Alexander
1603 Philotus Comedy Closet? Anon
1604 Mariam, The Fair Queen of Jewry Tragedy Closet Cary
1604 Croesus Tragedy Closet Alexander
1607 The Alexandrean Tragedy Tragedy Closet Alexander
1607 Julius Caesar Tragedy Closet Alexander
1607 Claudius Tiberius Nero Tragedy Closet? Anon
1613 Cynthia's Revenge, or Maenanders Ecstasy Tragedy Closet Stephens
1617 Stonyhurst Pageants Old Testament Cycle Closet? Anon
1625 The Partial Law Tragicomedy Closet? Anon
1628 Aminta Pastoral Closet Reynolds
1630 Filli di Sciro, or Philis of Scyros Pastoral Closet Sidnam
1630 Il Pastor Fido Pastoral Closet Sidnam
1631 The Spanish Bawd (Calisto and Meliboea) Romance Closet Mabbe
1632 Necromantes, or The Two Supposed Heads Comedy Closet? Percy
1635 Love's Changeling's Change Pastoral Closet? Anon
1635 A Dialogue Between Policy and Piety Moral Dialogue Closet Davenport
1635 Amyntas Pastoral Closet Digby
1635 Il Pastor Fido Pastoral Closet Digby
1639 Imperiale Tragedy Closet? Freeman
1640 Masquerade du Ciel "Mask" Closet Sadler
1640 Christ's Passion Neo-miracle Closet Sandys
1640 The Cyprian Conqueror, or The Faithless Relict Comedy Closet? Anon
1640 The Strange Discovery Tragicomedy Closet? Gough
1640 The Parliament of Bees Dialogue Closet Day
1641 Canterbury and His Change of Diet Political Dialogue Closet Anon
1641 Read and Wonder Political Dialogue Closet Anon