Lodowick Carlell



a synoptic, alphabetical character list


Only mentioned. Mythological character that is remembered by Clindor in Act Two when he wants to see his mistress and Selina does not let him enter. Adonis was the youth whom Aphrodite loved and who was slain by a wild boar. On this matter, Clindor tells Selina that Adonis was not always the favorite of the goddess.


Agenor is the King of Burgony's eldest son and Austrella's husband. In Act One, Agenor tries to comfort Clarimant, who loves Clorinda. In Act Two, however, Agenor also misses Clorinda's love, and he has to hide his feelings in front of an Austrella who is already suspicious. Later, Agenor comes to save Clarimant who has been wounded defending Clorinda from the Prince of Aquitain and calls for Surgeons to treat his brother. Nevertheless, Agenor asks Clorinda to comfort Clarimant because that could cure the prince's wound. In Act Three, Agenor comes to the king to ask for revenge as he is afraid of a future attack by the foreign prince. He wants to plunder his kingdom or at least his fleet to weaken him. But, he has to wait until Act Four when he is appointed general of the king's troops to go after the Prince. In Act Five, Agenor finds the Prince menacing Clarimant, whom he helps with Clindor. They have been watching them from their boat and at the end they go together to celebrate the wedding between Clarimant and Clorinda.


Disguise that Clorinda takes while she is in Neustrea. In Act One, she is visited by Clarimant who suspects her. Clorinda is challenged to fight the noble man, what makes her reveal her true identity to Clarimant. Clorinda thinks that she will never be free in Neustrea and therefore she asks Clarimant to take her life, but she is disobeyed as the gentleman adores her. Nevertheless, in Act Two, Clorinda keeps her mask to the rest of the courtiers. Then, she is visited by Austrella and Olinda, who try to cheer her up, but she feels that she is unworthy of their love. Being thought to have a mistress at the court, she swoons in front of the ladies. After that, Clorinda will try to avoid Austrella who begins to suspect her. She wants to leave the court, but before that she is to give Olinda a letter where she reveals her a big secret concerning her. She is to be back in two days if she survives, but she is interrupted in her departure by the Prince of Aquitain who humiliates Olinda. Clorinda defends the Princess before Clarimant arrives. However, she is discovered and reveals her true identity to all the court.


Austrella is the King of Neustrea's daughter and Agenor's wife. In Act One, Austrella is worried about Clarimant, who has a sad look in his eyes. With her husband Agenor, she wants to help him, but Clarimant himself is very pessimistic as he believes that he is unworthy of Clorinda's love. In Act Two, Austrella wants to cheer up whom she thinks to be Agenor's brother as he is an honest man. Austrella thinks that he has a mistress who rejects him so she goes to call the king when Agenor's brother faints, what makes her be suspicious about his identity. In Act Three, knowing Agenor's brother's true identity, Austrella tries to comfort Clorinda telling her that there must be another man who really deserves her. Later, she will visit Clarimant with Clorinda and Olinda. She wants her sister Olinda to marry Clarimant, rather than the Prince, as he is an honest man and he will inherit the kingdom of Burgony when Agenor succeeds the king of Neustrea. Nevertheless, she is kidnapped by the Prince, whom she manipulates, and she manages to escape. In Act Five, she celebrates Clarimant's wedding to Clorinda.


Only mentioned. Bellona is a mythological character to whom Clindor is compared when one of his soldiers accuses him of having forgotten about war and of being a coward. Bellona was the Roman goddess of war and she was thought to be a bloodthirsty warrior.


Silent character that in Act Three guides Clorinda, Olinda, Clarimant and Clindor to the druid's house.


Clarimant is the King of Burgony's youngest son and Agenor's brother. In Act One, in Neustrea, Clarimant finds Clindor fighting one of his soldiers. Clarimant stops them and administers justice stating that Clindor is not a coward and that the soldier is a fool for believing it. Clarimant is sad because his beloved Clorinda does not love him but his brother Agenor, who rejects her. Thus, Clarimant believes that there is still a possibility that their lives meet, but he realizes that he does not deserve her love. Nevertheless, Clarimant goes to see Agenor's brother, what he thinks to be the disguise under which Clorinda hides. Clarimant quarrels with her and challenges her to fight, what makes Clorinda discover herself. Thus, Clarimant promises to be her servant. The first service that he is entrusted is to kill the lady, but he cannot do so because that would mean his own death. In Act Two, Clarimant arrives when Clorinda is fighting the Prince of Aquitain, whom he challenges. He is finally wounded, but he is saved by Agenor who has come to help him. In Act Three, Clarimant is recovering from his wounds and receives the visit of Clindor, who promises to help him to have Clorinda's love. Clorinda herself comes to see him but she turns out to be too sad to take care of him, what makes her ask him to forget her. However, he cannot do so and he still has some expectations. Then, he goes with Clorinda to see the druid, what turns out to be a trap. Clarimant fights the soldiers and swims after the boat. He is taken on board by Cleon, who ties him up. Clarimant wants to set Clorinda and Olinda free. However, he almost perishes when the kidnappers want to get rid of him. But, he is saved first by Clorinda, who convinces the Prince to leave him on the boat, and later by a sailor, who releases him. Clarimant swims ashore and there he helps Clorinda to face the Prince. He will be finally awarded when he is saved by Agenor and Clindor, with whom he goes to celebrate his marriage to Clorinda after killing the Prince.


Disguise that Cleon takes to hide himself in front of Clorinda in Act Four. Cleander is a servant. On board, Cleander realizes that Clorinda controls the Prince's mind. Thus, he renounces to her love because if he attacks the Prince, she would go with Clarimant. Furthermore, he is very interested in counting with an accomplice as the Prince. In Act Five, Cleander is visited by Clorinda who begs him to free the hostages and who reveals her intentions to take revenge on the Prince. Next night, Cleander is arrested by some guards who obey the Prince when he tries to demonstrate how Clorinda is controlling him. When the boat is on fire, he is left to be burnt until Selina comes to save him and he promises to marry her. However, his savior stabs him taking the heart out of his chest, and he dies.


Cleon is a lord disaffected to the Prince Agenor. He is thought to be dead after his fight with Agenor in Part One. But, he actually hides at the Druid's house, where he is planning against Clarimant, Clorinda and Agenor to be crowned king of Burgony, as they are depriving him of his rights to the throne. In Act Three, Cleon is to kidnap Clorinda and Olinda, and arrests Clarimant with the Prince of Aquitain, Selina and a bunch of Soldiers. In Act Four, Cleon sees the mistake of having kidnapped Olinda with the Prince of Aquitain. Cleon also realizes that Clorinda has given him a lot of problems. He is to get rid of her as she competes with him for the throne of Burgony. He decides to marry Clorinda and later poison her but he needs Selina to help him. Cleon promises Selina to marry her first, but she mistrusts him when he justifies his denial with the fact of being controlled by the Prince. Cleon wants to fool Selina again to keep her loyal to him and con Clorinda disguising himself under the name of Cleander.


Disguise that Selina takes to accompany Cleon and Clorinda to Neustrea. Lodged at the Druid's in Act One, she promises Cleon that she will help him to carry out his plan as she loves him. However, she has serious doubts about Cleon's intentions to marry her. Later, she takes the disguise of a knave to come to the court.


Disguise that Selina takes later in Neustrea to come to court. She meets Clindor who is looking for Cleon's sister, but she does not let him enter the lady's room, what ends up discovering her feminine nature. Her tongue and look betray her in front of the captain.


Clindor is a Captain, friend to Agenor. In Act One, talking to one of his soldiers, he is accused of having made himself comfortable in his post at court, what offends him. Clindor challenges the soldier to defend his honor, but he is stopped by Clarimant who administers justice. In Act Two, Clindor is asked for 10 crowns, which he refuses to give to his soldier. Later, he goes to talk to Cleon's sister but her knave forbids him to enter the room, what makes him pay attention to the boy and he discovers that she is a woman. But, he is to keep the secret. In Act Three, he visits Clarimant, whom he is to help to seduce Clorinda. Later, Clindor asks Agenor for 1,000 crowns that he will return him when he conquers a city for him, but he is denied such an order. In Act Four, he comes to Agenor, Austrella and the King to tell them that the princesses have been kidnapped and that Clarimant has been arrested too when he was chasing them. With Agenor, he is to lead the troops that follow the Prince. In Act Five, Clindor arrives to help Clarimant and Clorinda and later he goes with them to celebrate their wedding.


Clorinda is the King of Burgony's niece. Having come to Neustrea, she takes the disguise of Agenor's brother and serves Austrella as her page. She is discovered in Act Two when she has to fight the Prince of Aquitain, who has humiliated Olinda. In Act Three, she comes to see Clarimant and she is asked by Austrella to take care of the prince as she is the medicine that he needs to be cured, but she is too miserable and she begs Clarimant to forget her. If not, she will have to leave the court as she will always love Agenor, although he does not feel the same for her. Later, Clorinda is suggested visiting the druid and she thinks that it is a good idea as she will know what to do from now on. She will see him in the morning and there she is kidnapped with Olinda and Clarimant. On board, Clorinda visits Clarimant, who has been tied up, and asks him to calm down because he can only make things worse. They are to be friends and nothing else. Therefore, when Cleander and the Prince come to throw him overboard, she convinces the kidnappers that Clarimant is more helpful alive than dead. She also shows the Prince that after signing the peace he would be able to marry anybody, what helps her to attract his attention. In Act Five, knowing that she already controls the Prince, Clorinda goes to Cleander asking him to free Clarimant and Olinda as that will facilitate his pardon. She also begs him not to reveal her true intentions, which are to take revenge on the Prince. Later, having made the Prince arrest Cleander, she realizes that now she has to repay his support and she deplores having to sleep with the Prince to save her friends. She is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea when she has to choose between the Prince and Clarimant. However, she is lucky as somebody sets fire to the boat and they have to abandon it. She leaves the boat with the Prince, whom she convinces to free his hostages. Coming ashore with all the crew, she is questioned again and this time she decides to face the Prince together with Clarimant, to whom she gives herself. At that moment, Agenor and Clindor arrive to save them and they go to celebrate their marriage.


The Druid is a Physician that enjoys great popularity in the kingdom of Neustrea as he is thought to be an oracle. In Act One, he puts up Cleon and his sister, whom he leaves to go disguised to court to work. In Act Three, the druid is to help Cleon and the Prince of Aquitain to take revenge. However, he still wants to keep his reputation and then his clients are not to be allowed to enter his house when they are called to be kidnapped.


A group of "ghost characters" that have left a boat on the coast to protect it from the storm.


Marginal character that talks to Clindor in Act Two and who has been asked by the queen to call the king.


Silent group of characters that arrest Cleander in Act Five obeying the Prince of Aquitain's orders.


I is one soldier at the service of Clindor. In Act One, he blames his Captain for having gotten used to laziness and for not being willing to fight. He calls him a coward, what offends the captain that challenges him. The soldier is stopped by Clarimant who thinks he is a fool for mistrusting his commander. In Act Two, he asks Clindor for 10 crowns, but he does not get them. In Act Four, he takes part of the troops that will follow the Prince of Aquitain. He thinks that they have not been able to go too far as the wind is not blowing.


Only mentioned. Mythological character with whom Clindor compares himself when he is not allowed to see his mistress by Selina. Jupiter was the Roman equivalent of Zeus, king of the Olympian gods. It is thought that he came as a shower of gold to see Danae when her father, king Acrisius, imprisoned her in a bronze tower.


The King of Neustrea is Austrella's father and the monarch of Neustrea. In Act One, he meets the Prince of Aquitain, whom he wants to thank for his help. He had helped him with his fleet. Then, he is told about the Prince's affection for his youngest daughter. Thus, when Agenor comes in Act Three asking for revenge on the Prince, the king refuses to punish him as he has promised loyalty to him. He is to protect the Prince as long as he lives in his kingdom. Knowing that he has disappeared, the king is worried that he is dead as that would mean that other foreign princes would lose their faith in him. The King still wants the Prince to marry Olinda as he does not believe that Clarimant will ever forget Clorinda. However, he also believes that Clarimant would be a good husband for his daughter. In Act Four, the King makes up his mind about the Prince when he is told about the kidnap of his daughter and then he sends his troops against him. In Act Five, he is informed of their success and he goes to celebrate the wedding between Clorinda and Clarimant, and the Prince's funeral.


Only mentioned. Mythological character that is named by Clindor to show that women favor different men depending on the occasion. Mars was the Roman god of agriculture and war identified with the Greek Ares. He was married to the goddess Venus, who was unfaithful to him with several mortals and gods.


Olinda is Austrella's sister and the King of Neustrea's youngest daughter. Olinda is thought to be a very honest lady. In Act One, she is wooed by the Prince of Aquitain, whom she blames for courting her sister first. However, she accepts his friendship now. In Act Two, Olinda talks to Agenor's brother, whom she likes. He is to give her a letter where he tells her a secret. When Olinda is humiliated by the Prince of Aquitain, she is defended by Agenor's brother, who turns out to be Clorinda. Later, Olinda goes with Clorinda to see the druid and there she is kidnapped by the Prince of Aquitain. In Act Four, questioned by the Prince, she rejects his affection and begs mercy for Clarimant because that would help him to make it up with Agenor and the King. In Act Five, Olinda confesses her love for Clarimant because, on the one hand, she has been persuaded to accept the prince of Burgony and, on the other hand, because she has seen great virtues in him. Nevertheless, she will not marry the prince, who weds Clorinda.


A "ghost character". In Act Four, Selina wants to be married with Cleon in front of a priest to be sure that he is to keep his promises.


The Prince of Aquitain is a foreign monarch that has come to Neustrea to marry Austrella. He also helped the king of Neustrea sending his fleet to fight a common enemy. However, being rejected by the princess, he focuses his attention on her younger sister, Princess Olinda, although he knows that she is not to be for him. In Act One, the Prince woos Olinda although he is worried about being rejected again as he would be dishonored. He does not help much to be loved as he humiliates Olinda when she is saying goodbye to Agenor's brother, whom he thinks to be her lover. The Prince fights with Agenor's brother, but he is stopped by Clarimant, whom he wounds before Agenor arrives to defeat him. Nevertheless, he is to stay at the court recovering from his wounds and plotting against the kingdom. The Prince wants to marry Olinda and then be crowned king of Neustrea. But, before that, he is to kidnap Clorinda and Olinda. In Act Four, on board, he is rejected by Olinda who does not want to marry him anymore. However, she teaches him that being compassionate with his hostages will help him to be forgiven by the princes. Thus, he allows Olinda to walk freely around the boat. Soon, the Prince forgets his promise concerning Clarimant and he wants to throw him overboard. But, Clorinda herself makes him see that Clarimant could be used as an exchange in a peace treaty, after which he would be free to marry another woman. In Act Five, manipulated by Clorinda, the Prince arrests Cleander with some guards. However, later the Prince disobeys his mistress when he decides to behead Clarimant if she does not accept him as her husband. He wants to avenge the wounds that he got when he fought Clarimant. But, he is again convinced not to do it by Clorinda. When the boat sets on fire, they escape and come ashore where they find a boat that has been abandoned by some fishermen. Again, the Prince asks Clorinda whether she is to marry him or he will kill Clarimant and surprisingly he finds the opposition of the two lovers. He is also attacked by Agenor and Clindor who have come to help them, and the Prince is finally defeated by Clarimant who kills him.


Marginal characters that come in Act Five to tell everybody that the boat is on fire and that they have to abandon it for another one. Later, they released Clarimant and Selina, who had been tied up to die.


Selina is Clorinda's maid who has come to Neustrea with Clorinda and Cleon, disguised as his sister. Being discovered, Selina tries to help Clorinda and suggests her visiting the druid. It is a trap to help Cleon to kidnap her. Selina still loves Cleon and wants to marry him. Thus, when she is told that Cleon has to marry Clorinda to be crowned king of Burgony, she mistrusts Cleon. In spite of being promised that he will marry her first and then his marriage to Clorinda would be void, she does not think that he would favor her after being crowned. Thus, she asks him to do it right there in front of a priest, but Cleon does not agree. In Act Five, Selina is depressed as she realizes all the evil deeds she has carried out. She wants to die but before she wants to take revenge on Clorinda, whom she hates. When the boat is set on fire, Selina is saved by a sailor and then she goes to release Cleander, who promises that he will marry her. But, Selina does not trust him again and stabs him to see what he has written in his heart. She dies with her love as she cannot swim.


Group of soldiers that belong to the Prince of Aquitain's fleet and that help Cleon and the Prince of Aquitain to kidnap Clorinda and Olinda in Act Three. They fight Clindor and Clarimant while the treacherous princes escape.


Silent characters. This group of surgeons is called by Agenor in Act Two to treat Clarimant's wounds. Later, in Act Three, they come to see their patient.


Silent characters. Group of women who come in Act Two to take Clorinda as Agenor's brother to bed when she faints.