Lodowick Carlell



a synoptic, alphabetical character list


Agenor is the King of Burgony's eldest son. In Act One, he is complaining about the lack of recognition of the services that warriors render, and blaming the lords for being selfish. Then, he sends Lucidor to see whether the king is ready, and asks Clindor to meet him at his chamber at nine. Meanwhile, Agenor is tempted by Cleon to take over the power, although Agenor doubts what to do. When he meets his father, Agenor begs him to punish those who looked down on him and, being denied this favor, the prince asks him for permission to leave the court. Alone with Clorinda, Agenor is told to wait until he is crowned to show his passion to her, but he does not trust so many secrets. In Act Two, Agenor decides to leave the court and takes a picture of his to his brother to be given to Clorinda. In Act Three, Agenor is organizing his troops with Lucidor to fight and to face the spies that have been sent against them. When he realizes that the king's army is close, he escapes safe and sound with Lucidor. They arrive at Neustrea where they learn that the princess is choosing her husband. Being taken in front of her, he confesses her that he does not love any woman, but war. However, he finally reveals his love for her and Agenor is asked to keep the secret again until it is announced. Chosen as the ruler of Neustrea, Agenor receives the love of his subjects. But, he is not allowed by the princess to sleep with her to consummate the union, what makes him think about abandoning her. Thus, he goes hunting and, chasing a boar, he hears a cry for help. It is Clorinda, who has been abused, what makes him sympathize with the lady whom he takes under his protection. In Act Five, back to the court, Agenor is informed about Clarimant's arrival and comforts Austrella, who still opposes to sleep with him. At court, Clorinda betrays him and his identity would have been revealed if a lady had not come calling for Austrella. Nevertheless, there he is informed that he is to be handed over to his brother, who is waiting in the isle of Ceris. But, before leaving Neustrea, he frees his wife from any marital responsibility, although she promises him to respect their marriage. Later, being turned in to his brother, Agenor is crowned king of Burgony and later challenged to fight Clarimant to clean Clorinda's name. However, they are stopped by Clorinda herself disguised as Agenor's brother. At the end, they go to the temple to celebrate the wedding between Agenor and Austrella.


Disguise that Clorinda (q.v.) takes while she is in Neustrea.


Disguise that Lucidor (q.v.) takes while he is in Neustrea.


Austrella is the King of Neustrea's daughter. She is 15 years old and she is about to choose her future husband because the kingdom needs an heir. She complains about her role as ruler as many virgins have been forced to marry somebody they do not love. Thus, she prefers to die than to give herself to anybody. Austrella thinks that the princes, her suitors, only want her crown and therefore she is against the marriage. However, when she is deprived of her position, she asks the king to let her go to the temple to be inspired and choose wisely. After that, Austrella tells her lady to bring Agenor and Lucidor to her. Austrella asks them about her decision and questions Agenor. She can see that he is in love, and when she is confessed his secret love for her, Austrella begs him to wait until it is made official. However, then Austrella does not want to sleep with Agenor. In Act Five, she keeps her disgust towards her husband, whom she orders to bring the youth he has brought with him. Austrella is almost informed about Agenor's misdemeanors when she is called by her father. In front of him, she will discover that Agenor is the prince of Burgondy, whom she says goodbye with a kiss of love. Austrella promises Agenor to keep herself faithful to him now that he has to leave, which shows her feelings for the foreign prince, with whom she celebrates the happy reunion of the couple at the end of the play.


In Act Three, she is asked to bring some gentlemen in front of her lady. In Act Four, she is sent by the king to see if the princess is already sleeping with her husband. And in Act Five, she comes back looking for Austrella.


A "ghost character" with whom Clindor has lost his monthly payment.


In Act Three the Captain announces that Agenor has managed to escape by sea. Later, in Act Five, he arrests Agenor in the isle of Ceris.


Clarimant is the King of Burgony's youngest son. He enjoys the favor of a loving father, but not that of his beloved Clorinda, which makes him feel sad. In Act Two, he is visited by his brother, whom he blames for his sadness. Clarimant fights for Clorinda and gets what seems like a victory with the departure of his brother, who asks him to take a picture of his to Clorinda. His loyalty is not rewarded later by the lady when she finds out that he is leading an army against Agenor. Quite the contrary. He receives her scorn for such an appointment. In Act Four, Clarimant is crowned king of Burgany at the death of his father, who had been unfair to his eldest brother. In Act Five, Clarimant comes to Neustrea looking for Agenor after being informed that he stays at that court. He also hopes that Clorinda is still alive and that she loves him now that Agenor has left her for another woman. Clarimant arrives on the outskirts of Neustrea waiting to have Agenor turned in. He wants to avenge his father and mistress. However, when Agenor is handed over, he is not punished but crowned king because Clarimant prefers to give him back what he has been deprived of before killing him. Clarimant hopes to take revenge of Clorinda's abuse. But, Clorinda herself stops him. Clarimant recognizes her although he does not say anything for the moment but to promise to be her servant.


Cleon is a lord disaffected to the Prince Agenor. In Act One, Cleon tells Agenor that his last military victories have made him forget how to obey the king. Cleon wants to convince Agenor to overthrow the king as a trap to get rid of the prince who has won too much power. Cleon poisons Agenor's mind telling him that Clarimant has been chosen as the king's favorite in spite of being younger than him, and that Clarimant is courting Clorinda to win support before he is crowned king. But, Cleon awaits his time, which arrives when he advises the king to keep the prince there to avoid any attack of his supporters. In Act Two, he also cheats Selina by confessing his love for her when he really wants to conquer Clorinda, who will crown him. Cleon is thought to have conquered the heart of many women before, so when he confesses his love to the princess, she thinks that his beloved is another lady. Later, knowing that Agenor has left the court, he comes with a letter in which allegedly Agenor asks him to join his army in the frontier with Germany, at Lassent, to overthrow the king. He leads the king's army against Agenor and when he finds out that he has escaped he thinks that he has gone to ask the king of Neustrea for help as he is a foreign enemy. Thus, Cleon wants the king of Burgondy to prepare an army led by Clarimant to march against Neustrea, which is to annoy Clorinda. To see how Clarimant reacts to Clorinda's letter of hatred, he hides himself and sees how the prince suffers, which shows him that his plan is working. In Act Four, Cleon comes to Neustrea with Clorinda and Selina. Cleon still wants to marry Clorinda and, finding the opportunity to protect her, he unsuccessfully confesses his love to her, what makes him threaten Clorinda to be raped and carry out the evil deed, and he runs away.


A "ghost character". Cleon's brother is thought to be homosexual as he courts men.


Disguise that Selina (q.v.) takes to accompany Cleon and Clorinda to Neustrea.


Clindor is a Captain, friend to Agenor. In Act One, he is depressed because he has wasted a monthly payment with a bawd and he does not know how to recover it now. Clindor asks Lucidor for 20 crowns to pay his debts, and when he refuses him this favor Clindor goes to Senon, who humiliates him. Later, he is asked to meet Prince Agenor at his chamber. Leaving his lord, he goes to court Selina. In Act Three, he comes to Agenor to tell him that his father's army is coming and that they have to defend themselves. When Agenor escapes, Clindor stays and is arrested for helping his friend. Later, in Act Five, he comes to Neustrea as a soldier and Clindor talks to his mates to convince them that they should not surrender to Clarimant, but keep on fighting to have women and money, and be able to humiliate the king. Clindor also thinks that Agenor should be kept alive and be allowed to rule a territory as viceroy.


Clorinda is the King of Burgony's niece. She is thought to be courted by Clarimant to win royal support as her ancestors legally claimed the throne of Burgony. However, she loves Agenor. But, for the moment, she has to hide her feelings. In Act Two, she receives the visit of Cleon asking her for help to conquer the heart of a lady, and she promises to do it. Later, she receives Agenor's picture, which makes Clarimant long for her love. Seeing how her rejection affects the prince, she promises him to be his friend but not his lover. However, when she finds out that Clarimant is leading an army against Agenor, Clorinda does not want to hear about Clarimant any more. She decides to disguise herself as a man to seek for Agenor. But, before that, she writes a letter to Clarimant through Selina showing her hatred. Later, in Act Four, she comes to Neustrea with Cleon, where she finds out his secret intentions. Nevertheless, she rejects him again, what puts her honesty at risk. Being dishonored, she is saved by Agenor who helps her by letting her come with him, disguised as his brother.


"Ghost characters." They are used as a claim to the right to the throne of Burgony.


These are two princes that want to marry Austrella. As with the prince of Aquitain, they suffer from the rejection of the princess and they leave Neustrea when Clarimant comes for Agenor.


In Act Three, they meet Agenor and Lucidor and tell them that the princess is to get married.


A group of four guards that arrest Clindor for helping Agenor.


"Only mentioned." Mythological character, son of Apollo and one of the Muses, Hymen was the god of marriages. In the play, he is mentioned in Act Four in relation to the royal marriage between Austrella and Agenor.


"Ghost characters" They are mentioned in Act One by Senon. They are expected to be punished by the prince.


The King of Burgony is Agenor and Clarimant's father. He suspects Prince Agenor of being too ambitious. As for him, he prefers to sign peace treaties with foreign countries instead of declaring war. He is also against homosexuality, which he considers to be something unnatural, and he celebrates the fact that Cleon loves women. In Act One, questioned by his son, he refuses to punish those who humiliated Agenor, and then he is advised not to let the prince leave the court to stop his ambition. The King favors Clarimant in spite of being the youngest son so when, in Act Three, he finds out that Agenor has escaped, he sends his troops against him. Later, in Act Four, he is succeeded by his son Clarimant at his death.


"Ghost characters." They are thought to control the king in the taking of decisions.


The King of Neustrea is a foreign monarch to whom Agenor goes asking for help in Act Three. He is the King of Burgony's enemy. He appoints his daughter, Austrella, the heir of his kingdom but before she has to marry a prince. The king grants her the right to marry whoever she wants. But, when she opposes the marriage, the king temporally appoints Olinda his heir until Austrella accepts her duty. In Act Four, he apologizes to the princes that have been rejected, but he cannot hide his happiness for seeing his daughter married. So much joy will disappear when, in Act Five, he gets a letter where he is informed that a foreign king is marching against his kingdom. Thus, he asks the princes for help, but that is not granted to him in spite of offering them his daughter as a wife. Being informed that he has to hand over Agenor, who is the legitimate heir to the crown of Burgony, he regrets not having offered him the hand of his daughter and apologizes to Agenor and Austrella.


He to Agenor in Act Three to tell him that the king's army is close.


Lucidor is a lord, friend to Agenor. In Act One, Lucidor tries to comfort Clindor, his friend, although he does not lend him money. Nevertheless, he steps forward to defend Clindor when he is ill-treated by Senon. Later, he will follow Agenor in his exile. He goes with him to Neustrea where he gets the disguise of Agenor's father.


He tells Clarimant about Agenor's marriage to Austrella.


Olinda is Austrella's sister and the King of Neustrea's youngest daughter. In Act Three, she is temporally appointed heir of the kingdom until Austrella accepts her responsibility as a princess.


In Act Five, Philant deplores the arrest of Prince Agenor.


The Prince of Aquitain is one of Austrella's suitors. In Act Four, when he is rejected by the princess, he wants to leave Neustrea with the other princes. He comes back to his country when Neustrea is attacked. He promises to go for reinforcements, but they will never arrive.


Selina is Clorinda's maid. In Act One, she is courted by Clindor, but she does not accept him. In Act Three, Selina is given a letter for Clarimant that she does not want to show to Cleon to be loyal to her lady. Later, in Act Four, she comes to Neustrea with Clorinda and Cleon, disguised as his sister.


Senon is a lord disaffected to the Prince Agenor. In Act One, talking to Stremon, he mentions some insolent commanders that should be punished by the prince. Later, he meets Clindor, with Lucidor, who asks him for money. He humiliates the borrower, what causes him a problem with Lucidor. They are to fight a duel, which turns out to be a pulling of his nose.


Group of soldiers that talk to Clindor in Act Five about what should be done to Agenor. They do not want to free the prince, which brings them into conflict.


"Ghost characters" that spy Agenor.


Strato cries for Agenor's luck in Act Five with Philant.


Stremon is a lord disaffected to the Prince Agenor.