Wadeson, Anthony

(circa1574-1601<). Playwright. [ES iii, 503 [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 123 (1982) [full citation]]

Wager, Lewis

(d.1562). Playwright. (Father of William Wager?) [ES iii, 503 [full citation]; Wagner, 'Elizabethan Dramatists' (1933) [full citation]; Phelps, 'Lewis Wager's Death' (1978) [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 123 (1982) [full citation]]

Wager, William

(circa1537-91). Playwright. (Son of Lewis Wager?) [ES iii, 504 [full citation]; Wagner, 'Elizabethan Dramatists' (1933) [full citation]; Eccles, 'William Wager' (1981) [full citation]]

Waite, John

(fl. 1617-50) (Waide, Wayde, Wayt). Actor (Poland, Germany). [JCS ii, 613 [full citation]; Hoppe, 'English Acting Companies', 32-3 (1955) [full citation]; Riewald, 'New Light', 88-90 (1960) [full citation]; Freehafer, 'Seven Champions', 94 (1969) [full citation]; Limon, 'New Evidence' (1981) [full citation]]

Wakefield, Edward

(fl. 1597-1602). Actor (Germany). [ES ii, 348 [full citation]; Nungezer, 386 [full citation]]

Walker, Francis

(fl. 1600). Actor(?). [REED Heref./Worc, 391 (1990) [full citation]]

Walpole, Francis

(circa1585-1625). Actor (Queen Anne's 1616-17), sharer. [ES ii, 348 [full citation]; Nungezer, 387 [full citation]; JCS ii, 613 [full citation]; Sisson, 'Notes', 29 (1942) [full citation]]

Wambus, Francis

See Waymus, Francis.

Wanibus, Francis

See Waymus, Francis.

Wapull, George

(fl. <1576). Playwright. [ES iii, 505 [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 124 (1982) [full citation]]

Ward, Anthony

(fl. 1603). Actor. [Nungezer, 388 [full citation]]

Ward, Robert

(circa1595-1642<) (Warde). Latin playwright(?). [JCS v, 1236 [full citation]; RLDE 2/11: 5 (1991) [full citation]]


See Brooke, William.

Warner, William

(circa1558-1609). Translator(?). [ES iii, 505 [full citation]; Bacon, Warner's Syrinx (1950) [full citation]; Becker, 'William Warner' (1954) [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 125 (1982) [full citation]; DLB 172: 244 (1996) [full citation]]

Warren, Sir Edward

(fl. 1612-18). Patron. [Hasler, House of Commons (1981) [full citation]; George, 'Walmesley', 8, 12 (1985) [full citation]; Honigmann, Shakespeare, 53 (1985) [full citation]; REED Lancashire, 380 (1991) [full citation]]

Warren, John

(circa1585-1621). Patron. [REED Lancashire, 380 (1991) [full citation]]

Warrin, Thomas

(fl. 1583). Actor (?) (Denmark). [Sjogren, 'Thomas Bull', 120 (1969) [full citation]]

Warwick, Earl of

See Dudley, Ambrose.

Waterhouse, David

(circa1680-1758). Mistakenly given as playwright. [JCS v, 1239 [full citation]]

Waters, John

(fl. 1617-18). Actor (Netherlands). [Hoppe, 'English Actors', 312 (1949) [full citation]; Hoppe, 'English Acting Companies', 28-9 (1955) [full citation]; Riewald, 'New Light', 80-82 (1960) [full citation]]

Waters, Thomas

(fl. 1607). Boy actor (Paul's 1607). [Nungezer, 388 [full citation]]

Watson, Thomas (I)

(fl. 1563). Actor (Lincolnshire circa1563). [Barley, 'Plough Monday Play' (1954) [full citation]; Kahrl, 'Lincolnshire', 6 (1974) [full citation]]

Watson, Thomas (II)

(circa1556-1592). Translator. [ES iii, 506 [full citation]; Eccles, Christopher Marlowe, (1934) [full citation]; Ringler, 'Spenser and Thomas Watson' (1954) [full citation]; Clubb, 'Two Thomas Watsons' (1966) [full citation]; Grove xx, 234 (1980) [full citation]; Williams, 'Biographical Notes' (1980) [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 130 (1982) [full citation]; RLDE 2/4: 1 (1987) [full citation]; DLB 132: 322 (1993) [full citation]; Sutton, Thomas Watson (1996) [full citation]]

Wayde, John

See Waite, John.

Waymus, Francis

(fl. 1611-24) (Wambus, Wamus, Wanibus). Actor (Lady Elizabeth's 1611, 1617-24). [ES ii, 348 [full citation]; Nungezer, 387 (Wambus) [full citation]; JCS ii, 613 [full citation]]

Wayneman, Sir Richard

(fl. 1568-9). Patron (1568-9). [Murray, English Dramatic Companies ii, 97 (1910) [full citation]]

Webster, George

(fl. 1598-1603). Actor (Germany). [ES ii, 348 [full citation]; Nungezer, 388 [full citation]; Eccles, 'Actors IV', 175 (1993) [full citation]]

Webster, John

(circa1580?-1625<). Playwright. [ES iii, 507 [full citation]; JCS v, 1239 [full citation]; Howarth, 'John Webster's Burial' (1954) [full citation]; Hoy, 'Fletcher and His Collaborators' (1956-62) [full citation]; Howarth, 'Valiant Scot', 5 (1965) [full citation]; Forker, 'John Webster and Anthony Munday' (1968) [full citation]; Howarth, 'Two Notes on John Webster' (1968) [full citation]; Nethercot, Stuart Plays, 303 (1971) [full citation]; Edmond, 'In Search of John Webster' (1976) [full citation]; Eccles, 'John Webster' (1977) [full citation]; Edmond, 'John Webster' (1977) [full citation]; Bradbrook, John Webster (1980) [full citation]; Byers, Valiant Scot, 32 (1980) [full citation]; Forker, Skull Beneath the Skin (1986) [full citation]; DLB 58: 284 (1987) [full citation]; Hammond and Delvecchio, 'Melbourne Manuscript' (1988) [full citation]]

Wedwer, William

(fl. 1640). Actor (Germany). [Nungezer, 388 [full citation]; JCS ii, 615 [full citation]]

Weeks, Richard

(fl. 1628-40) (Weekes, Wicks). Actor (Red Bull-King's 1629-36). [Nungezer, 388 [full citation]; JCS ii, 615 [full citation]]

Wend, John

(fl. 1627-40). Actor (Germany). [Nungezer, 389 [full citation]]

Wentworth, Thomas, Earl of Strafford

(1593-1641). Founder of Irish theater. [Stevenson, 'First Irish Theatre' (1942) [full citation]; Stevenson, 'Shirley's Years in Ireland' (1944) [full citation]]

West, William, 1st (10th) Baron De La Warr

(circa1520?-95). Patron (Lord De La Warr's 1575-7). [Murray, English Dramatic Companies ii, 82 (1910) [full citation]; Peerage iv, 158 (1916) [full citation]; REED Coventry, 281 (1981) [full citation]; REED Somerset, 51, 993 (1996) [full citation]]

Westcott, Sebastian

(circa1515?-82) (Westcote). Master of Paul's, 1557-82. [ES ii, 348 [full citation]; Nungezer, 389 [full citation]; Brawner, 'Narrative Plays' (1943) [full citation]; Sisson, 'Sebastian Westcott' (1943) [full citation]; Brown, 'Three Notes' (1949) [full citation]; Brown, 'Note on Sebastian Westcott' (1951) [full citation]; Brown, 'Sebastian Westcott' (1952) [full citation]; Ball, 'Choir-Boy Actors', 14 (1962) [full citation]; Lennam, 'Children of Paul's' (1970) [full citation]; Lennam, Sebastian Westcott (1975) [full citation]; Grove xx, 371 (1980) [full citation]; Gair, 'Conditions', 116 (1980) [full citation]; Wills, 48 (1993) [full citation]; Gurr, Playing Companies, 220 (1996) [full citation]]

Weste, Humphrey

(fl. 1594). Paul's chorister (1594). [Nungezer, 389 [full citation]]

Weste, Thomas

(fl. 1594). Paul's chorister (1594). [Nungezer, 389 [full citation]]

Whalye, John

(fl. 1561). Paul's chorister (1561). [Lennam, 'Children of Paul's', 25 (1970) [full citation]]

Wharton, Philip (I), 3rd Baron Wharton

(1555-1625) (Quarton). Patron (Lord Wharton's 1599-1600, 1610-23). (Nephew of Henry and Thomas Radcliffe; brother-in-law of George Clifford; uncle of Anne Clifford Sackville Herbert; grandfather of Philip Wharton (II)) [Peerage xii.2, 600 (1959) [full citation]; REED Cumb./West./Glouc, 457 (1986) [full citation]]

Wharton, Philip (II), 4th Baron Wharton

(1613-96) (Quarton). Patron (Lord Wharton's 1626-39). (Grandson of Philip Wharton (I)) [Peerage xii.2, 602 (1959) [full citation]; REED Cumb./West./Glouc, 457 (1986) [full citation]]

Wheaton, Elizabeth

(fl. 1627-35). Gatherer at Globe and Blackfriars. [Nungezer, 389 [full citation]; JCS ii, 616 [full citation]]


(fl. 1571). Actor(?) (cf. Fidge). [ES ii, 348 [full citation]; Nungezer, 389 [full citation]]

Whetstone, George

(1550-1587). Playwright, translator. [ES iii, 512 [full citation]; Eccles, 'Arthur Massinger' (1931) [full citation]; Eccles, 'Whetstone's Death' (1931) [full citation]; Izard, George Whetstone (1942) [full citation]; Eccles, 'George Whetstone' (1982) [full citation]; DLB 136: 330 [full citation]]

Whetstone, Thomas

(fl. 1631). Actor. [JCS ii, 617 [full citation]]


(fl. circa1638). Actor (King's, late 1630s). (May be Robert Huyt, Josias White, or neither of these) [George, 'Early Cast Lists' (1974) [full citation]]

White, Francis

(circa1589-<1643). Playwright. [JCS v, 1256 [full citation]]

White, Josias

(fl. 1628-31). Actor (Ellis Guest company 1628). [Nungezer, 390 [full citation]; JCS ii, 617 [full citation]; George, 'Early Cast Lists' (1974) [full citation]]

White, Robert

(fl. 1617). Masque writer. (cf. Robert White (1538-74) in Grove [full citation]) [JCS v, 1257 [full citation]; McGee, 'Cupid's Banishment' (1988) [full citation]; Cerasano and Wynne-Davies, Renaissance Drama by Women, 76 (1996) [full citation]]

White, Robert

See Huyt, Robert. [JCS ii, 617 [full citation]]

Whitehead, Christopher

(fl. 1650). Dancer and entertainer during the Commonwealth. [JCS ii, 617 [full citation]]

Whitelocke, Sir James

(1570-1632). Boy actor (Merchant Taylors 1575-88). [ES ii, 348 [full citation]; Nungezer, 390 [full citation]; DeMolen, 'Richard Mulcaster', 28 (1972) [full citation]]

Whiting, Edward

(fl. 1633). Holder of commission for company at Banbury(?). [Nungezer, 390 [full citation]; JCS ii, 617 [full citation]]

Whiting, Richard

(fl. 1633) (alias Johnson, Richard). Actor (at Banbury). [Nungezer, 391 [full citation]; JCS ii, 618 [full citation]]

Wiburne, Nathaniel

(1574-1613). Latin playwright(?). [ES iii, 513 [full citation]; RLDE 2/19: 14 (1991) [full citation]]

Wiggen, Thomas

(fl. 1607). Fool. [Alexander, 'Percy Household Accounts', 13 (1987) [full citation]]

Wigpitt, Thomas

(fl. 1614-24). Sharer (new Fortune). [Nungezer, 391 [full citation]; JCS ii, 619 [full citation]]

Wilbraham, William

(b.circa 1608; fl. 1626-40). Actor (Queen Henrietta's 1626-30; King's Revels 1635; Queen Henrietta's 1635-40). [Nungezer, 391 [full citation]; JCS ii, 619 [full citation]; Haaker, 'Plague', 297 (1968) [full citation]]

Wild, Robert

(circa1615-79). Poet, playwright(?). [JCS v, 1264 [full citation]]

Wilde, George

(1610-65) (Wild). Writer of royal entertainment, Latin playwright. [JCS v, 1259 [full citation]; RLDE 1/3: 9 (1981) [full citation]]

Wilkingson, Thomas

(fl. 1561). Paul's chorister (1561). [Lennam, 'Children of Paul's', 25 (1970) [full citation]]

Wilkins, George

(circa1575-1618) (Wilkinson). Playwright. [ES iii, 513 [full citation]; Dickson, 'Identity of George Wilkins' (1939) [full citation]; Blayney, 'G. Wilkins' (1953) [full citation]; Maxwell, 'Walter Calverley's Guardian' (1953) [full citation]; Sisson, 'Red Bull Company', 65 (1954) [full citation]; McManaway, 'St. Giles Cripplegate' (1958) [full citation]; Prior, 'Life of George Wilkins' (1972) [full citation]; Eccles, 'George Wilkins' (1975) [full citation]; Prior, 'George Wilkins' (1975) [full citation]; Prior, 'Young Heir' (1976) [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 131 (1982) [full citation]; Wills, 231 (1993) [full citation]]

Wilkinson, Nicholas

See Tooley, Nicholas.


(fl. 1590-7). Actor (Strange's?; Admiral's?). [ES ii, 348 [full citation]; Nungezer, 392 [full citation]; Greg, Dramatic Documents i, 50, 66 (1931) [full citation]]

Willans, George

See Williams, George.

Williams, George

(fl. 1629-35). Actor (Red Bull company 1629; at Norwich 1635). [Nungezer, 392 [full citation]; JCS ii, 619 [full citation]]

Williams, John (I)

(fl. 1620-26). Theatrical speculator. [JCS ii, 620 [full citation]]

Williams, John (II)

(fl. 1634). Musician; possibly same as above. [Riewald, 'Actors and Musicians', 41 (1959) [full citation]]

Williams, Walter

(fl. 1635) (Willyams). Actor (at Norwich; King's Revels?). [Nungezer, 393 [full citation]; JCS ii, 620 [full citation]]

Willis, Richard

(fl. 1628). Actor (Ellis Guest company at Norwich). [Nungezer, 393 [full citation]; JCS ii, 620 [full citation]]

Willoughby, Charles, 2nd Baron Willoughby

(circa1536-circa1610). Patron (?) (Lord Willoughby's 1584-5, 1594-9). (Son of William Willoughby; son-in-law of Edward Clinton) [Murray, English Dramatic Companies ii, 75 (1910) [full citation]; Redstone, 'Ipswich', 279 (1931) [full citation]; Peerage xii.2, 703 (1959) [full citation]; Kahrl, 'Lincolnshire', 106 (1974) [full citation]; REED Norwich, 372 (1984) [full citation]]

Willoughby, Katherine, Duchess of Suffolk

See Bertie, Katherine.

Willoughby, William, 1st Baron Willoughby

(circa1515-70). Patron (Lord Willoughby's 1558-61). (Father of Charles Willoughby; brother-in-law of Sir Ralph Hopton) [Peerage xii.2, 701 (1959) [full citation]; REED Norwich, 371 (1984) [full citation]; REED Shropshire, 722 (1994) [full citation]]

Wilmot, Robert

(>1566-1591<). Playwright. [ES iii, 513 [full citation]]

Wilson, Arthur

(1595-1652). Playwright. [JCS v, 1267 [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 38 (1982) [full citation]; DLB 58, 303 (1987) [full citation]; Wills, 206 (1993) [full citation]]

Wilson, George

(fl. 1624-41). Groom of the Revels. [JCS ii, 620 [full citation]; Bawcutt, 'Craven Ord Transcripts', 91-2 (1984) [full citation]; Bawcutt, 'New Revels Documents', 326 (1984) [full citation]]

Wilson, Germaine

(fl. 1594). Paul's chorister (1594). [Nungezer, 393 [full citation]]

Wilson, Henry

(fl. 1624-31). Musician for King's Men. [Nungezer, 393 [full citation]; JCS ii, 621 [full citation]; Cutts, 'New Findings', 102 (1966) [full citation]]

Wilson, John

(1595-1674). Songwriter for King's Men; actor (King's). [ES ii, 349 [full citation]; Nungezer, 393 [full citation]; JCS ii, 621 [full citation]; Duckles, 'Curious Art' (1954) [full citation]; Cutts, 'John Wilson's Setting' (1961) [full citation]; Spink, English Song, 55-9, 107-11 (1974) [full citation]; Grove xx, 443 (1980) [full citation]; Limon, 'Neglected Evidence', 6 (1988) [full citation]]

Wilson, Robert

(d.1600). Actor (Leicester's 1572-81; Queen's 1583-circa1593 (in Netherlands 1586)), playwright. [ES ii, 349; iii, 515 [full citation]; Baldwin, 'Nathaniel Field and Robert Wilson' (1926) [full citation]; Gourvitch, 'Robert Wilson' (1928) [full citation]; Nungezer, 394 [full citation]; Bald, 'Leicester's Men' (1943) [full citation]; Bowers, 'Shoemaker's Holiday' (1949) [full citation]; Mithal, 'Jesting Player' (1958) [full citation]; Bald, 'Jesting Player' (1959) [full citation]; Mithal, 'Two Wilsons Controversy' (1959) [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 131 (1982) [full citation]; McMillin and MacLean, Queen's Men, (1998) [full citation]]

Wilson, William

(fl. 1615-17). Gatherer at Fortune(?). [Nungezer, 396 [full citation]; JCS ii, 622 [full citation]; Wills 100-1 [full citation]]

Windsor, Frederick, 4th Baron Windsor of Stanwell

(1559-85). Patron (Lord Windsor's 1581-2). (Nephew of John de Vere; cousin of Edward de Vere) [Redstone, 'Ipswich', 272 (1931) [full citation]; Peerage xii.2, 798 (1959) [full citation]]

Wingfield, Anthony

(circa1550-1615). Playwright(?). [ES iii, 517 [full citation]; RLDE 2/9 (1989) [full citation]]

Winter, Richard

(fl. 1571). Actor(?). [ES ii, 350 [full citation]; Nungezer, 397 [full citation]]

Wintershall, William

(d.1679; fl. 1639-79) (Wintersall, Winterscale, Wintershull). Actor (Salisbury Court; Restoration). [Nungezer, 398 [full citation]; JCS ii, 623 [full citation]; Freehafer, 'London Patent Companies', 7 (1965) [full citation]; Oliver, 'Building of the Theatre Royal' (1972) [full citation]; George, 'Early Cast Lists' (1974) [full citation]]

Withy, John

(d.1673<; fl. 1635-9). Songwriter for Queen Henrietta's Men. [Grove xx, 464 (1980) [full citation]; Cutts, 'Original Music' (1986) [full citation]]

Witter, Anne Phillips

(d.1618). Sharer; wife of Augustine Phillips. [Ingram, 'Wife of Augustine Phillips' (1983) [full citation]]

Witter, John

(fl. 1605-20). Sharer. (Husband of Anne Phillips Witter) [JCS ii, 624 [full citation]; Ingram, 'Wife of Augustine Phillips' (1983) [full citation]]

Woderam, Richard

(fl. 1586-7?). Actor (Oxford's). [ES ii, 350 [full citation]; Nungezer, 399 [full citation]]

Wolfe, Nicholas

(d.1614). Playhouse builder (Bristol). [Barker, 'Provincial Playhouse' (1975) [full citation]; Pilkington, 'Wine Street, Bristol' (1983) [full citation]; Pilkington, 'New Information' (1988) [full citation]]

Wood, Mary

See Clarke, Mary.

Wood, Nathaniel

See Woodes, Nathaniel.

Wood, Ralph

(dates unknown). Playwright. [JCS v, 1275 [full citation]]

Wood, Richard

(fl. 1613). Actor. [Denkinger, 'St. Botolph Aldgate', 107 (1926) [full citation]; Nungezer, 400 [full citation]]

Wood, William

(fl. 1595-25). Actor (at Coventry 1623). [Denkinger, 'St. Botolph Aldgate', 107 (1926) [full citation]; Nungezer, 400 [full citation]; JCS ii, 624 [full citation]]

Woodes, Nathaniel

(circa1552?-1592<). Playwright. [ES iii, 517 [full citation]; Wine, Conflict of Conscience (1934) [full citation]; Wine, 'Conflict of Conscience' (1935) [full citation]]

Woodford, Thomas

(1578-1628<). Theatrical investor. (Nephew of Thomas Lodge) [ES ii, 350 [full citation]; Nungezer, 400 [full citation]; Sisson, 'Thomas Lodge', 62 (1933) [full citation]; JCS ii, 624 [full citation]; Sisson, 'Notes', 29 (1942) [full citation]; Ingram, 'Playhouse as Investment' (1985) [full citation]]

Woodliffe, Oliver

(circa1548-1603). Entrepreneur; built Boar's Head theater in 1598. [Berry, Boar's Head, 26ff., 69 (1986) [full citation]]

Woode, John

(fl. 1623). Actor(?) (possibly the same as John Woods). [JCS ii, 625 [full citation]]

Woods, John

(fl. 1604) (Woodtss, Jan). Actor (Holland). [ES ii, 350 [full citation]; Nungezer, 401 [full citation]; Riewald, 'New Light', 72 (1960) [full citation]]

Worcester, Earl of

See Somerset, William; Somerset, Edward; Somerset, Henry

Worth, Ellis

(circa1587-1659) (Woorth, Wroth). Actor (Queen Anne's-Revels 1612-23; Prince Charles' (II) 1631-38). [ES ii, 350 [full citation]; Nungezer, 401 [full citation]; JCS ii, 625 [full citation]; Sisson, 'Notes', 29 (1942) [full citation]; Sisson, 'Red Bull Company', 59, 67 (1954) [full citation]; Bentley, 'Prince Charles's Company' (1978) [full citation]; Cerasano, 'Players' Wills', 303 (1985) [full citation]; Wills, 210 (1993) [full citation]]

Worth, Frances Holcombe

(fl. 1625-59). Wife of Thomas Holcombe and Ellis Worth. [JCS ii, 625 [full citation]; Wills, 210 (1993) [full citation]]

Wotton, Sir Henry

(1568-1639). Playwright. [ES iii, 517 [full citation]; DLB 121: 286 (1992) [full citation]]

Wren, Christopher

(1589-1658). Latin playwright. [ES iii, 518 [full citation]; RLDE 1/4: 5 (1981) [full citation]]

Wrench, Thomas

(fl. 1619). Puppet showman. [Bawcutt, 'New Revels Documents', 327 (1984) [full citation]]

Wright, Abraham

(1611-90). Playwright(?). [JCS v, 1275 [full citation]]

Wright, Edward

(fl. 1634). Musician at the Cockpit. [Lefkowitz, 'Longleat', 48 (1965) [full citation]; Sabol, 'New Documents', 25 (1962) [full citation]]

Wright, John (I)

See Wryght, John.

Wright, John (II)

(d.circa 1656). Actor (Prince Charles' (II) 1631; Beeston's Boys 1639; during Interregnum). [Nungezer, 402 [full citation]; JCS ii, 627 [full citation]; Sisson, 'Red Bull Company', 67n8 (1954) [full citation]]

Wriothesley, Henry (I), 2nd (3rd) Earl of Southampton

(1545-81). Patron (Southampton's 1574). (Father of Henry Wriothesley (II); brother-in-law of Anthony Browne; uncle of Anthony Maria Browne) [Redstone, 'Ipswich', 268 (1931) [full citation]; Peerage xii.1, 126 (1953) [full citation]]

Wriothesley, Henry (II), 3rd Earl of Southampton

(1573-1624). Playgoer, patron of poets. (Son of Henry Wriothesley (I); nephew of Anthony Browne; cousin of Anthony Maria Browne) [Peerage xii.1, 128 (1953) [full citation]]

Wroth, Lady Mary Sidney

(1587-circa1653). Playwright. (Daughter of Robert Sidney (I); sister of Robert Sidney (II); niece of Sir Philip Sidney and Mary Sidney Herbert; cousin of Philip Herbert and William Herbert) [Roberts, Countess of Montgomery's Urania (1995) [full citation]; DLB 121: 296 (1992) [full citation]; McLaren, 'Unknown Continent' (1990) [full citation]; Cerasano and Wynne-Davies, Renaissance Drama by Women, 91 (1996) [full citation]]

Wryght, John

(fl. 1563). Actor (Lincolnshire circa1563). [Barley, 'Plough Monday Play' (1954) [full citation]; Kahrl, 'Lincolnshire', 6 (1974) [full citation]]