Vaux, Edward, 4th Lord Vaux

(1588-1661). Patron (Lord Vaux's 1601-9). (Son of William Vaux) [ES ii, 103 [full citation]]

Vaux, William, 3rd Lord Vaux

(circa1542-95). Patron (Lord Vaux's 1579). (Father of Edward Vaux) [ES ii, 103 [full citation]]

Venables, Thomas, Baron Kinderton

(circa1513-80). Patron. [REED Cumb./West./Glouc, 445 (1986) [full citation]; REED Devon, 494 (1986) [full citation]]

Vennar, Richard

(circa1555-1615?). Playwright. [ES iii, 500 [full citation]]

Vere, John de, 16th Earl of Oxford

(circa1512-62). Patron (Oxford's 1555-62). (Father of Edward de Vere, brother-in-law of Arthur Golding; uncle of Frederick Windsor and Sir Francis Vere) [Murray, English Dramatic Companies ii, 62 (1910) [full citation]; ES ii, 99 [full citation]; Peerage x, 247 (1945) [full citation]; REED Somerset, 47, 1002 (1996) [full citation]]

Vere, Edward de, 17th Earl of Oxford

(1550-1604). Patron (Oxford's 1562-5, 1580-87, 1600-2), playwright. (Son of John de Vere; nephew of Arthur Golding; son-in-law of William Cecil; brother-in-law of Peregrine Bertie, Robert Cecil, and Thomas Cecil; cousin of Frederick Windsor and Sir Francis Vere; father-in-law of William Stanley (II)) [ES ii, 99; iii, 503 [full citation]; Ward, Seventeenth Earl of Oxford (1928) [full citation]; Peerage x, 250 (1945) [full citation]; DLB 172: 181 (1996) [full citation]; Gurr, Playing Companies, 306, 313 (1996) [full citation]]

Vere, Sir Francis

(1560-1609). Patron (1600, in Holland). (Cousin of Edward de Vere; nephew of John de Vere) [Alexander, 'Percy Household Accounts', 11 (1987) [full citation]]

Verney, Francis

(1584-1615). Playwright. [ES iii, 503 [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 91 (1982) [full citation]]

Vernon, George

(fl. 1624-30). Actor (King's). [Bentley, 'Shakespeare's Fellows' (1928) [full citation]; Nungezer, 386 [full citation]; JCS ii, 611 [full citation]]


(fl. 1590-1). Actor/musician (Strange's?) (same as George Vincent? or Thomas Vincent (I)?). [ES ii, 348 [full citation]; Nungezer, 386 [full citation]; Greg, Dramatic Documents i, 50 (1931) [full citation]]

Vincent, George

(fl. 1615-18). Actor/musician (Germany, Poland). [Riewald, 'New Light', 89 (1960) [full citation]; Schrickx, 'Pickleherring', 139-40, 147 (1983) [full citation]]

Vincent, Thomas (I)

(fl. 1592-1600?). Bookkeeper at Globe, actor(?). [Nungezer, 386 [full citation]; JCS ii, 612 [full citation]; Edmond, 'Pembroke's Men' (1974) [full citation]; George, 'Shakespeare and Pembroke's Men' (1981) [full citation]]

Vincent, Thomas (II)

(circa1603?-33). Latin playwright. [JCS v, 1232 [full citation]; RLDE 2/16: 1 (1990) [full citation]]

Vincent, William

(fl. 1622-42). Dancer, tightrope walker. [JCS ii, 612 [full citation]; REED Norwich, 233 (1984) [full citation]]

Virnius, Johann Friedrich

(fl. 1615). Actor (Germany). [ES ii, 348 [full citation]; Nungezer, 386 [full citation]]