Ogilby, John

(1600-76). Playwright, manager of Irish theater. [Stevenson, 'First Irish Theater' (1942) [full citation]; JCS ii, 517; iv, 948 [full citation]; Wertheim, 'First Irish Playhouse' (1967) [full citation]; Grove xiii, 518 (1980) [full citation]]

Ogle, Cuthbert, 7th Lord Ogle

(circa1540-97). Patron (Lord Ogle's 1578-97). (Father-in-law of Edward Talbot; grandfather of William Cavendish (II)) [Murray, English Dramatic Companies ii, 61 (1910) [full citation]; Peerage x, 36 (1945) [full citation]; Galloway and Wasson, 'Norfolk/Suffolk', 222 (1980) [full citation]; Greenfield, 'Entertainments of Henry, Lord Berkeley', 14 (1983) [full citation]; REED Cumb./West./Glouc, 451 (1986) [full citation]; Tiner, 'York', 25 (1992) [full citation]; REED Somerset, 56, 889, 1001 (1996) [full citation]]

Oley, Henry

See Clay, Henry.

Orton, Thomas

(fl. 1642). Actor. [JCS ii, 518 [full citation]]

Ostler, William

(circa1585-1614). Actor, sharer. (Son-in-law of John Heminges) [ES ii, 331 [full citation]; Nungezer, 261 [full citation]; McMillin, 'Jonson's Early Entertainments', 162 (1968) [full citation]; Wills, 230 (1993) [full citation]]

Ottwell, Hugh

See Attwell, Hugh.

Owen, Corbet

(b.1646). Playwright wrongly dated. [JCS iv, 951 [full citation]]

Owen ap John

(fl. 1600). Playwright(?). [ES, iii, 457 [full citation]]

Oxford, Earl of

See Vere, Edward de; Vere, John de.