Nabbes, Thomas

(circa1605-41) (Nabbs, Nabs). Playwright. [JCS iv, 927 [full citation]; Freehafer, 'Perspective Scenery' (1973) [full citation]; DLB 58: 223 (1987) [full citation]]

Naile, Robert

(fl. 1613). Royal entertainment contributor. [ES iii, 450 [full citation]]

Nashe, Richard

(fl. 1613). Actor. [REED Heref./Worc, 386 (1990) [full citation]]

Nashe, Thomas

(1567-circa1601). Playwright. [ES iii, 450 [full citation]; Mackerness, 'Thomas Nashe and William Cotton' (1949) [full citation]; Miller, 'Robert Greene and Thomas Nashe' (1954) [full citation]; Harlow, 'Thomas Nashe, Robert Cotton' (1961) [full citation]; Harlow, 'Thomas Nashe and William Cotton' (1961) [full citation]; Hibbard, Thomas Nashe (1962) [full citation]; Harlow, 'Nashe's Visit' (1963) [full citation]; McGinn, Thomas Nashe (1981) [full citation]; Nicholl, Cup of News (1984) [full citation]; DLB 167: 142 (1996) [full citation]]


See Nation, Henry.

Nation, Henry

(fl. 1574-82) (Nasion). Paul's chorister (1574). [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 258 [full citation]]

Navarro, John

(fl. 1635). Spanish actor. [Nungezer, 258 [full citation]; JCS ii, 515 [full citation]]

Neale, Thomas

(1614-46?). Playwright. [JCS iv, 944 [full citation]]


(fl. 1592). Musician, actor(?) in Summer's Last Will and Testement. [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 258 [full citation]]


(fl. 1590). Actor in 2 Seven Deadly Sins (Strange's). [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 259 [full citation]; Greg, Dramatic Documents i, 47 (1931) [full citation]]

Nelson, Thomas

(fl. 1580-1592). Pageant writer. [ES,iii, 455 [full citation]; Meagher, 'London Lord Mayor's Show of 1590' (1973) [full citation]; McGee and Meagher, 'Entertainments: 1558-1603', 119 (1981) [full citation]]

Neville, Alexander

(1544-1614). Translator. [ES iii, 456 [full citation]]

Neville, Edward, 8th Lord Abergavenny

(circa1550-1622) (Bergavenny). Patron (Lord Abergavenny's 1609-17). [Murray, English Dramatic Companies ii, 19 (1910) [full citation]; Peerage i, 35 (1910) [full citation]; Dawson, 'Kent', 164 (1965) [full citation]; Hasler, House of Commons iii, 122 (1981) [full citation]; REED Coventry, 379 (1981) [full citation]]

Neville, Henry, 6th Lord Abergavenny

(circa1527-87) (Bergavenny). Patron (Lord Abergavenny's 1570-76). (Brother-in-law of William Brooke) [Murray, English Dramatic Companies ii, 19 (1910) [full citation]; Peerage i, 33 (1910) [full citation]; ES ii, 92 [full citation]; Redstone, 'Ipswich', 267 (1931) [full citation]; Dawson, 'Kent', 164 (1965) [full citation]; REED Shropshire, 694 (1994) [full citation]]

Neville, John, 4th Lord Latimer

(circa1520-77). Patron (Lord Latimer's 1562-4). (Father-in-law of Sir Thomas Cecil; grandfather of Henry Percy) [Murray, English Dramatic Companies ii, 88 (1910) [full citation]; Peerage vii, 484 (1929) [full citation]; Dawson, 'Kent', 173 (1965) [full citation]; REED Devon, 498 (1986) [full citation]]

Neville, Robert

(circa1640-94). Playwright wrongly dated before the Restoration. [JCS iv, 946 [full citation]]

Newdigate, John

(1600-42). Playwright. [Howard-Hill, 'John Newdigate' (1988) [full citation]]

Newman, John

(fl. 1581-3). Blackfriars lessee. [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 259 [full citation]]

Newman, Thomas

(Dates unknown) Translator. [JCS iv, 946 [full citation]]

Newport, Maurice

(fl. 1641). Playwright. [JCS iv, 947 [full citation]]

Newton, John

(d.1625). Actor (Duke of York's-Prince Charles' (I) 1610-25). [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 259 [full citation]; JCS ii, 515 [full citation]; Eccles, 'Actors III', 299 (1992) [full citation]]

Newton, Thomas

(circa1542-1607). Translator. [ES iii, 456 [full citation]]

Newton, William

See Newton, John.

Niccols, Richard

(1584-1616?). Playwright(?). [ES iii, 456 [full citation]]

Nicholls, Robert

(fl. 1592-95) (Nyccowlles). Actor (Pembroke's? Queen's?). [ES ii, 331 [full citation]; Nungezer, 261 [full citation]; Edmond, 'Pembroke's Men' (1974) [full citation]; McMillin, 'Simon Jewell' (1976) [full citation]; Wentersdorf, 'Origin and Personnel', 62 (1979) [full citation]; George, 'Shakespeare and Pembroke's Men', 310 (1981) [full citation]]


(fl. 1590-1603). Actor (possibly more than one person) (possibly Nicholas Tooley) (Strange's circa1590, Admiral's 1601-3). [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 260 [full citation]; Greg, Dramatic Documents i, 47 (1931) [full citation]]

'Nick' / 'Nicholas'

(fl. 1619-31). Actor (King's). [Nungezer, 259 [full citation]; JCS ii, 516 [full citation]]

Nicolini, Francis

(Dates unknown) Italian actor. [JCS ii, 516 [full citation]]

Nicoll, Basil

(b.1576; fl. 1603) (Basilius). Controlled Thomas Bromley's interest in the Globe, bequeathed from Thomas Pope. [Nungezer, 260 [full citation]]

Nicols, John

(circa1617-<45) (Nicholas, Nicholes, Nichols). Academic playwright. [JCS iv, 947 [full citation]; Freeman, 'Authorship of The Tell-Tale' (1963) [full citation]]

Nill, John

See Hill, John.


(fl.circa1638). Actor. [Gourlay, 'Wasp' (1943) [full citation]]

Noblett, Thomas

(d.1593). Paul's chorister (1593). [Gair, 'Chorister-Actors', 440 (1978) [full citation]]

Noel, Henry

(d.1597). Playwright(?). [ES iii, 456 [full citation]]

Nore, Roger

(d.1649) (Noar, Noare, Noer). Actor (Prince Charles' (II) 1640). [Nungezer, 256 [full citation]; JCS ii, 517 [full citation]; Wills, 234 (1993) [full citation]]

Norfolk, Duke of

See Howard, Thomas (I).

Norfolk, Sir John

(fl. 1565-6). Patron (1565-6). [Dawson, 'Kent', 175 (1965) [full citation]]

Norman, Robert

(fl. 1628-35). Painter, designer for civic pageants. [Robertson and Gordon, Livery Companies, xxxvi, 113-24 (1954) [full citation]; Bergeron, 'Christmas Family', 355 (1968) [full citation]]

Norris, Henry, 1st Baron Norris

(circa1525-1601). Patron (1593-4). [Peerage ix, 643 (1936) [full citation]; REED Somerset, 17, 1001 (1996) [full citation]]

North, Dudley, 4th Baron North

(1602-77). Latin playwright (?). [Peerage ix, 656 (1936) [full citation]; Randall, Gentle Flame (1983) [full citation]; RLDE 2/17, 16 (1991) [full citation]]

North, Roger, 2nd Baron North

(1531-1600). Patron(?). (Son-in-law of Richard Rich) [Peerage ix, 652 (1936) [full citation]; Hasler, House of Commons iii, 142 (1981) [full citation]; REED Cambridge, 1278 (1989) [full citation]]

Northampton, Marquis of

See Parr, William (I).

Norton, Thomas

(circa1532-1584). Playwright. [ES iii, 456 [full citation]; Nethercot, Elizabethan Plays, 109 (1971) [full citation]; Hasler, House of Commons iii, 145 (1981) [full citation]; DLB 62, 261 (1987) [full citation]; Graves, Thomas Norton (1994) [full citation]]

Norwood, John

(fl. 1598-9). Chorister/actor (Paul's). [ES ii, 331 [full citation]; Nungezer, 260 [full citation]]

Nowell, Alexander

(circa1517-1602). Dean of Paul's. (Cousin of John Harrison (I)) [Eccles, Authors, 100 (1982) [full citation]]

Nuce, Thomas

(d.1617). Translator. [ES iii, 457 [full citation]]


See Nick.

Nycowlles, Robert

See Nicholls, Robert.