Mabbe, James

(1572-1642?). Translator. [Secord, 'I.M. of the First Folio' (1948) [full citation]; JCS iv, 727 [full citation]; Lacalle, 'Mabbe's Celistina' (1965) [full citation]].

Machin, Lewis

(fl. 1608). Playwright. [ES iii, 417 [full citation]].

Machin, Richard

(fl. 1600-06). Actor (Germany). [ES ii, 329 [full citation]; Nungezer, 243 [full citation]].

Magett, Stephen

(fl. 1596-99). Tireman, actor(?) (Admiral's). [ES ii, 329 [full citation]; Nungezer, 243 [full citation]; Greg, Dramatic Documents i, 65 (1931) [full citation]].

Mago, John

(circa1547-1610) (Maygoe). Carpenter; built stage and galleries for Boar's Head playhouse. (Father of William Mago) [Berry, Boar's Head, 34ff. (esp. 203n16) (1986) [full citation]; Eccles, 'Actors III', 297 (1992) [full citation]].

Mago, William

(1579-1632). Actor (Prince Charles' (I) 1621; King's 1624-31). (Son of John Mago) [Nungezer, 243 [full citation]; JCS ii, 506 [full citation]; Eccles, 'Actors III', 297 (1992) [full citation]].


See Mawrice.

Maltravers, Lord

See Howard, Henry Frederick.

Manche, Lady

See Blount, Katherine Leigh.

Mannery, Samuel

(circa1615?-1648) (Manneroy, Manuray). Actor (Prince Charles' (I) 1631; Cockpit 1639). [Nungezer, 244 [full citation]; JCS ii, 506 [full citation]].

Mansell, John

(fl. 1607). Boy actor (Paul's 1607). [Nungezer, 244 [full citation]].

Manuche, Cosmo

(1613-1661<). Playwright. [JCS iv, 728 [full citation]; Phelps, 'Cosmo Manuche' (1979) [full citation]; Williams, 'Castle Ashby Manuscripts' (1980) [full citation]; Nelles, 'Cosmo Manuche's Castle Ashby Plays' (1990) [full citation]; Williams, 'Evidence of Performance' (1992) [full citation]].

Marbeck, Agnes Allen

(fl. 1601-2). Wife of Richard Allen (I) and Thomas Marbeck. [Eccles, 'Actors III', 298 (1992) [full citation]].

Marbeck, Thomas

(1577->1623). Actor (Admiral's 1602), musician. (Brother-in-law of Thomas Middleton; husband of Agnes Allen Marbeck) [ES ii, 329 [full citation]; Bentley, 'Shakespeare's Fellows' (1928) [full citation]; Nungezer, 244 [full citation]; Greg, Dramatic Documents i, 59 (1931) [full citation]; Eccles, 'Actors III', 298 (1992) [full citation]].

Marcham, Mr

See Markham, Robert (I).

Marcupp, Samuel

(fl. 1598). Paul's chorister (1598). [Nungezer, 245 [full citation]].

Markham, Gervase

(circa1568-1637) (Jarvis, Jervis). Playwright. [ES iii, 417 [full citation]; Mullett, 'Gervase Markham' (1944) [full citation]; JCS iv, 732 [full citation]; Gittings, Shakespeare's Rival (1960) [full citation]; Poynter, Bibliography of Gervase Markham (1962) [full citation]; Poynter, 'Gervase Markham' (1962) [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 88 (1982) [full citation]; DLB 121: 313 (1992) [full citation]].

Markham, Mary

See Frith, Mary.

Markham, Robert

(1536-1606). Patron (1572-3). [Murray, English Dramatic Companies ii, 89 (1910) [full citation]; Lancashire, 'Nottinghamshire', 21 (1977) [full citation]; Hasler, House of Commons iii, 19 (1981) [full citation]].

Marlowe, Christopher

(1564-1593). Playwright. [ES iii, 418 [full citation]; Hotson, Death of Christopher Marlowe (1925) [full citation]; Eccles, Christopher Marlowe (1934) [full citation]; Bakeless, Tragicall History (1942) [full citation]; Kocher, Christopher Marlowe (1946) [full citation]; Feldman, 'Playwrights and Pike-Trailers' (1953) [full citation]; Nethercot, Elizabethan Plays, 433 (1971) [full citation]; Wernham, 'Christopher Marlowe at Flushing' (1976) [full citation]; Weil, Christopher Marlowe (1977) [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 89 (cf. also 73) (1982) [full citation]; Leech, Christopher Marlowe (1986) [full citation]; DLB 62: 212 (1987) [full citation]; Urry, Marlowe and Canterbury (1988) [full citation]; Nicholl, Reckoning (1992) [full citation]; Kendall, 'Richard Baines' (1994) [full citation]; Taunton, 'Biography' (1994) [full citation]].

Marmion, Shakerley

(1603-39) (Schackerley, Shackerly, Shakerly; Marmyon, Marmyun, Mermion). Playwright. [JCS iv, 736 [full citation]; Green, 'Shakerley Marmion: Military Service' (1976) [full citation]; Green, 'Shakerley Marmion: Descent' (1977) [full citation]; Green, 'Shakerley Marmion: Outlaw?' (1977) [full citation]; DLB 58, 131 (1987) [full citation]].


See Mawrice.

Marrant, Edward

(fl. 1637). Tenant of Fortune theater. [JCS ii, 506 [full citation]].

Marshall, Charles

(fl. 1616). Actor?; but probably mistake for Charles Massey. [ES ii, 329 [full citation]; Nungezer, 245 [full citation]; JCS ii, 507 [full citation]].

Marshall, John

(fl. 1561). Paul's chorister (1561). [Lennam, 'Children of Paul's', 25 (1561) [full citation]].

Marston, John

(1576-1634). Playwright, masque writer, sharer (Blackfriars). [ES iii, 427 [full citation]; Brettle, 'John Marston at Oxford' (1927) [full citation]; Brettle, 'John Marston: New Facts' (1927) [full citation]; Brettle, 'Marston Born in Oxfordshire' (1927) [full citation]; Brettle, 'Bibliographical Notes' (1928) [full citation]; Brettle, 'Poet Marston Letter' (1928) [full citation]; Nungezer, 245 [full citation]; Wagner, 'Elizabethan Dramatists' (1933) [full citation]; Caputi, John Marston (1961) [full citation]; Brettle, 'Notes on John Marston' (1962) [full citation]; Finkelpearl, 'Henry Walley' (1962) [full citation]; Finkelpearl, 'Donne and Everard Guilpin' (1963) [full citation]; Brettle, 'Everard Guilpin' (1965) [full citation]; Brettle, 'John Marston and the Duke of Buckingham' (1967) [full citation]; Finkelpearl, John Marston (1969) [full citation]; Nethercot, Elizabethan Plays, 751 (1971) [full citation]; O'Neill, 'Commencement' (1971) [full citation]; Scott, 'Marston's Early Contribution' (1977) [full citation]; Tricomi, 'Identifying Sir Gervase Clifton' (1977) [full citation]; Ingram, John Marston (1978) [full citation]; Tricomi, 'Provenance of John Marston's Letter' (1978) [full citation]; Tricomi, 'John Marston's Manuscripts' (1980) [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 92 (1982) [full citation]; DLB 58: 139 (1987) [full citation]; Wills, 176 (1993) [full citation]; DLB 172: 155 (1996) [full citation]].

Martin, Henry

(fl. 1649). Erroneously described as playwright. [Lawrence, 'Authorship of The Costelie Whore' (1922) [full citation]; Worral, 'Authorship of The Costelie Whore' (1922) [full citation]].

Martinelli, Angelica

(>1598). Actor (Italian). [ES ii, 329 [full citation]; Nungezer, 245 [full citation]].

Martinelli, Drusiano

(fl. 1578). Actor (Italian). [ES ii, 329 [full citation]; Nungezer, 246 [full citation]].

Marton, Thomas

(fl. 1602). Boy actor (Chapel). [ES ii, 329 [full citation]; Nungezer, 246 [full citation]].

Martyn, Charles

(fl. 1613). Boy actor (Lady Elizabeth's). [JCS ii, 507 [full citation]].

Martyn, William

(fl. 1572). Actor. [ES ii, 329 [full citation]; Nungezer, 246 [full citation]].

Maskell, Thomas

(fl. 1635-6). Actor(?). [JCS ii, 507 [full citation]].

Mason, John (I)

(fl. 1600). Actor(?). [REED Heref./Worc, 392 (1990) [full citation]].

Mason, John (II)

(circa1581-1612?). Playwright, sharer. [ES iii, 435 [full citation]; Nungezer, 247 [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 93 (1982) [full citation]; Wills, 230 (1993) [full citation]].

Mason, John (III)

(fl. 1647). Playwright. [JCS iv, 748 [full citation]].

Massey, Charles

(circa1575?-1625) (Marcy, Massie, Massy, Mercy). Actor (Admiral's-Prince Henry's-Palsgrave's 1597-1625), playwright, sharer. [ES ii, 330; iii, 435 [full citation]; Nungezer, 247 [full citation]; Greg, Dramatic Documents i, 59 (1931) [full citation]; JCS ii, 507; iv, 749 [full citation]; Bowers, 'Shoemaker's Holiday' (1949) [full citation]; Eccles, 'Actors III', 298 (1992) [full citation]].

Massey, George

(d.1624). Sharer (new Fortune). [Nungezer, 248 [full citation]; JCS ii, 508 [full citation]].

Massey, Thomas

(circa1556-circa1624). Civic drama manager (Coventry). [REED Coventry, 495 (1981) [full citation]].

Massinger, Philip

(1583-1640). Playwright. [ES iii, 436 [full citation]; Eccles, 'Arthur Massinger' (1931) [full citation]; Wagner, 'Elizabethan Dramatists' (1933) [full citation]; JCS iv, 749 [full citation]; Dunn, Philip Massinger (1957) [full citation]; Lawless, Philip Massinger (1967) [full citation]; Lawless, 'Parents of Philip Massinger' (1968) [full citation]; Lawless, 'Burial of Philip Massinger' (1971) [full citation]; Nethercot, Stuart Plays, 699 (1971) [full citation]; Lawless, 'Massinger's Secretary' (1972) [full citation]; Lawless, 'Further Notes' (1977) [full citation]; Lawless, 'Anthony Crompton' (1982) [full citation]; DLB 58: 169 (1987) [full citation]].

Master Controller

See Croft, Sir James.

Master of the Queen's Wardrobe

. See Fortescue, Sir John.

Master of the Revels

See Benger, Sir Thomas; Tylney, Edmund.

Matchit, Amb

(fl. circa1635). Actor. [JCS ii, 508 [full citation]].


(fl. 1635). Actor (Norwich) (= Mathias Morris?) (misread by Murray as 'Maivrin'). [Nungezer, 244 [full citation]; JCS ii, 506 [full citation]; REED Norwich, 218 (1984) [full citation]].

May, Edward

(fl. 1631-41). Actor (Prince Charles' (I) 1631; at Norwich 1635; Queen Henrietta's 1635-40). [Nungezer, 249 [full citation]; JCS ii, 509 [full citation]; Haaker, 'Plague', 297 (1968) [full citation]].

May, Nathan

(fl. 1615). Licensee for 2 King's Revels (fictitious name?). [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 249 [full citation]; JCS ii, 510 [full citation]].

May, Randolph

(circa1540-1600<). 'Servant' at the Theatre circa1582. [Nungezer, 249 [full citation]].

May, Thomas

(circa1596 -1650). Playwright. [Chester, Thomas May (1932) [full citation]; JCS iv, 830 [full citation]; Phelps, 'Thomas May' (1979) [full citation]; DLB 58: 190 (1987) [full citation]].

Maycocke, William

(fl. 1594). Children of Paul's (1594). [Nungezer, 249 [full citation]].

Maygoe, John

See Mago, John.

Maynard, John

(1592-1658). Masque writer. [JCS iv, 841 [full citation]].

Mayne, Jasper

(1604-72) (Gaspar; Main, Maine). Playwright. [JCS iv, 844 [full citation]; DLB 126: 205 (1993) [full citation]].

Mead, Robert

(circa1616-1653). Playwright. [JCS iv, 850 [full citation]].

Meade, Jacob

(1557-1624). Theater manager and owner. [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Bentley, 'Shakespeare's Fellows' (1928) [full citation]; Nungezer, 250 [full citation]; JCS ii, 510 [full citation]; Wills, 134 (1993) [full citation]].

Mease, Peter

(circa1599-1649). Latin playwright. [JCS iv, 852 [full citation]; RLDE 2/4: 16 (1987) [full citation]].

Medcalf, Thomas

See Carleton, Thomas.

Megus, William

(fl. 1622). Actor (probably William Mago). [JCS ii, 511 [full citation]].

Merbury, Francis

(b.1555; fl. 1579-94). Playwright(?). [ES, iii, 436 [full citation]; Allen, Francis Meres' Treatise (1933) [full citation]].

Meres, Francis

(1565-1647). Writer. [Allen, Francis Meres' Treatise (1933) [full citation]; Allen, Palladis Tamia (1938) [full citation]; Wright, 'Bodenham Miscellanies' (1961) [full citation]; Schoenbaum, William Shakespeare, 139 (1975) [full citation]].

Metcalf, Sir Thomas

(circa1579-circa1650). Patron. [REED Cumb./West./Glouc, 450 (1986) [full citation]].

Mewe, William

(circa1603-circa1669). Latin playwright. [JCS iv, 853 [full citation]; Coldewey and Cophenhaver, Pseudomagia (1979) [full citation]; RLDE 2/14: 1 (1991) [full citation]].


(fl. 1619). Actor (King's). [Nungezer, 251 [full citation]; JCS ii, 511 [full citation]].

Middleton, Richard

(fl. 1609). Playhouse builder (York). [REED York, 530-1 (1979) [full citation]].

Middleton, Thomas

(1580-1627). Playwright, masque writer, royal entertainment writer. (Brother-in-law of Thomas Marbeck) [ES, iii, 437 [full citation]; Hillebrand, 'The Viper's Brood' (1927) [full citation]; Eccles, 'Middleton's Birth' (1931) [full citation]; Bald, 'Middleton's Civic Employments' (1933) [full citation]; Bald, 'Chronology of Middleton's Plays' (1937) [full citation]; Christian, 'Autobiographical Note' (1938) [full citation]; Christian, 'Middleton's Residence at Oxford' (1946) [full citation]; Christian, 'Sidelight' (1947) [full citation]; JCS iv, 855 [full citation]; Phialas, 'Middleton's Early Contact' (1955) [full citation]; Eccles, 'Thomas Middleton' (1957) [full citation]; Barker, Thomas Middleton (1958) [full citation]; Schoenbaum, 'New Middleton Record' (1960) [full citation]; George, 'Thomas Middleton at Oxford' (1970) [full citation]; Nethercot, Stuart Plays, 363 (1971) [full citation]; Limon, 'Alleged Catholicism' (1985) [full citation]; DLB 58, 196 (1987) [full citation]].

Mils, Tobias

(d.1585; fl. 1583). Actor (Queen's 1583). [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 251 [full citation]; Boswell, 'Seven Actors' (1985) [full citation]].

Milton, John

(1608-74). Masque writer. [JCS iv, 911 [full citation]; French, Life Records of John Milton (1949-58) [full citation]; Demaray, 'Milton's Comus' (1966) [full citation]; Parker, Milton (1968) [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 94 (1982) [full citation]; Wilson, Life of John Milton (1983) [full citation]; Brown, Aristocratic Entertainments (1985) [full citation]; Shawcross, John Milton (1993) [full citation]; Brown, John Milton (1994) [full citation]; DLB 151: 232 (1995) [full citation]].

Minion, Samuel

(fl. 1634-5). Actor (at Norwich). [Nungezer, 252 [full citation]; JCS ii, 511 [full citation]].

Mishaw, Edward

(fl. 1649) (Minshall?). Actor. [JCS ii, 511 [full citation]].


(fl. 1635). Actor (at Norwich). [Nungezer, 252 [full citation]; JCS ii, 511 [full citation]].

Mohun, Michael

(fl. 1637-60) (Moone). Actor (Cockpit 1637-40; Restoration). [Hotson, CRS, passim (1928) [full citation]; Nungezer, 252 [full citation]; JCS ii, 511 [full citation]; Freehafer, 'London Patent Companies' (1965) [full citation]].

Momford, Henry

(fl. 1623). Tumbler. [Bawcutt, 'Craven Ord Transcripts', 91 (1984) [full citation]].

Momford, John

(fl. 1623-35). Rope dancer, tumbler. [Bawcutt, 'Craven Ord Transcripts', 91-2 (1984) [full citation]].

Montagu, Viscount

See Browne, Anthony (I); Browne, Anthony (II).

Montagu, Walter

(1603?-77). Playwright. [JCS iv, 916 [full citation]].

Monteagle, Lord

See Stanley, William (I); Parker, William.

Montgomerie, Alexander

(circa1556-1598). Playwright(?). [ES iii, 444 [full citation]; Dilworth, 'New Light on Alexander Montgomerie' (1965) [full citation]; Shire, 'Alexander Montgomerie' (1966) [full citation]; Jack, 'Montgomerie and the Pirates' (1967) [full citation]; McDiarmid, 'Philotus' (1967) [full citation]; Shire, Song, Dance, and Poetry (1969) [full citation]; Durkan, 'Alexander Montgomerie's Death' (1983) [full citation]; Jack, Alexander Montgomerie (1985) [full citation]].

Montgomery, Earl of

See Herbert, Philip.

Moon, Peter

(fl. 1562). Actor. [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 254 [full citation]].

Moon, Robert

(d.1597). Actor (Queen's 1597). [REED Somerset, 56, 889 (1996) [full citation]].

Moone, Michael

See Mohun, Michael.

Moore, Joseph

(fl. 1611-1640). Actor (Lady Elizabeth's 1611-38). [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 254 [full citation]; JCS ii, 512 [full citation]; REED Coventry, 394 (1981) [full citation]; Bawcutt, 'Craven Ord Transcripts', 92 (1984) [full citation]].

Moore, Thomas (I)

(circa1612?-85) (More). Masque writer. [Elliott, 'Mr. Moore's Revels' (1984) [full citation]].

Moore, Thomas (II)

Playwright wrongly given as 17th century. [JCS iv, 921 [full citation]].

Mordaunt, Lewis, 3rd Baron Mordaunt

(1538-1601) (Morden). Patron (Lord Mordaunt's 1585-93). (Father of Henry Mordaunt) [Peerage ix, 196 (1936) [full citation]; Hasler, House of Commons iii, 76 (1981) [full citation]; REED Coventry, 313 (1981) [full citation]; Tiner, 'York', 23 (1992) [full citation]].

Mordaunt, Henry, 4th Baron Mordaunt

(circa1568-1609). Patron (?) (Lord Mordaunt's 1602). (Son of Lewis Mordaunt) [Murray, English Dramatic Companies ii, 90 (1910) [full citation]; Peerage ix, 197 (1936) [full citation]].

More, H

(fl. 1615). Playwright(?). [JCS iv, 921 [full citation]].

More, Roger

See Nore, Roger.

More, Thomas

See Moore, Thomas.

More, William

(fl. 1611). Actor. [REED Heref./Worc, 356 (1990) [full citation]].

Morgan, F.

(Dates unknown) Playwright(?). [JCS iv, 922 [full citation]].

Morgan, Fluellen

(fl. 1633). Manager. (See Houghton, Robert). [Nungezer, 256 [full citation]; JCS ii, 515 [full citation]].

Morley, Lord

See Parker, Edward.

Morley, Thomas

(circa1557-1602). Musician; Paul's Chorister (1574); songwriter for Chamberlain's Men. [Nungezer, 256 [full citation]; Long, 'Shakespeare and Thomas Morley' (1950) [full citation]; Riewald, 'Actors and Musicians', 38 (1959) [full citation]; Ball, 'Choir-Boy Actors', 9 (1962) [full citation]; Grove xii, 579 (1980) [full citation]].

Morley, William

(fl. 1606-29?). Musician, actor(?) (Netherlands). [Hoppe, 'English Actors', 314 (1949) [full citation]; Riewald, 'New Light', 83 (1960) [full citation]].

Morrell, Roger

(fl. 1573-96). Latin playwright(?). [ES iii, 444 [full citation]; RLDE 2/19: 6 (1991) [full citation]].

Morris, Mathias

(fl. 1634). Actor (King's Revels) (cf. Mawrice). [Nungezer, 256 [full citation]; JCS ii, 515 [full citation]].

Morris, Thomas

(fl. 1613). Actor. [REED Heref./Worc, 386 (1990) [full citation]].

Mossack, Ann

(fl. 1638). Actor(?) (at Coventry). [JCS ii, 515 [full citation]].

Motteram, John

(fl. 1600-1). Actor (Chapel). [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 257 [full citation]].

Mountfort, Walter

(fl. 1613-35). Playwright. [JCS iv, 922 [full citation]].

Mountjoy, Lady

See Leigh, Katherine.

Mountjoy, Lord

See Blount, James; Blount, William.

Mountsett, John

(fl. 1638) (Mountford?). Actor (at Norwich). [JCS ii, 515 [full citation]].

Mufford, John

(b.1564; fl. 1590). Actor (Beauchamp's). [ES ii, 330 [full citation]; Nungezer, 257 [full citation]].

Mulcaster, Richard

(circa1532-1611). Headmaster of Merchant Taylor's School; entertainment and pageant contributor. [ES iii, 444 [full citation]; Nungezer, 257 [full citation]; Brawner, 'Narrative Plays' (1943) [full citation]; Brown, 'Note on Sebastian Westcott' (1951) [full citation]; DeMolen, 'Richard Mulcaster' (1972) [full citation]; Bergeron, 'Elizabeth's Coronation Entry' (1978) [full citation]; Hasler, House of Commons iii, 108 (1981) [full citation]; McGee and Meagher, 'Entertainments: 1558-1603', 58-92 [full citation]; DeMolen, Richard Mulcaster (1992) [full citation]; DLB 167: 134 (1996) [full citation]; Gurr, Playing Companies, 219 (1996) [full citation]].

Mullins, Ralph

See Williams, Ralph.

Munday, Anthony

(1560-1633). Playwright, royal entertainment writer, actor(?). [ES iii, 444 [full citation]; Denkinger, 'St. Botolph Aldgate', 107 (1926) [full citation]; Turner, Anthony Munday (1928) [full citation]; Nungezer, 257 [full citation]; Thompson, 'Anthony Munday's Journey' (1941) [full citation]; Shapiro, 'Mundy's Birthdate' (1956) [full citation]; Hotson, 'Munday's Birth-Date' (1959) [full citation]; Eccles, 'Anthony Munday' (1959) [full citation]; Wright, 'Young Anthony Mundy' (1959) [full citation]; Shapiro, 'Shakespeare and Mundy' (1961) [full citation]; Wright, 'Bodenham Miscellanies' (1961) [full citation]; Wright, 'Mundy and Chettle' (1961) [full citation]; Wright, 'Spenser and E.K.' (1961) [full citation]; Kenny, 'Anthony Munday in Rome' (1962) [full citation]; Wright, 'Lazarus Pyott' (1963) [full citation]; Galigani, 'La English Romayne Life' (1965) [full citation]; Bergeron, 'Anthony Munday' (1967) [full citation]; Forker, 'John Webster and Anthony Munday' (1968) [full citation]; Bergeron, 'Actors' (1972) [full citation]; Prior, 'Anthony Munday' (1973) [full citation]; Ayres, 'Anthony Munday' (1980) [full citation]; McGee and Meagher, 'Entertainments: 1558-1603', 151 (1981) [full citation]; Eccles, Authors, 98 (1982) [full citation]; DLB 62: 232 (1987) [full citation]; Mann, 'Sir Oliver Owlet's Men' (1991) [full citation]; DLB 172: 173 (1996) [full citation]; Schrickx, 'Anthony Munday' (1997) [full citation]].

Munday, William

(fl. 1614). Actor. [REED Heref./Worc, 390 (1990) [full citation]].