Sources beginning with the letter T

Tabouret, Estienne. 'Aopophtegmes du S. Gavlard, Gentilhomme de la Franche-Comté Bourguignotte', appended to some editions of Tabouret’s Les Bigarrures du Seigneur des Accords (1583)

Tacitus. Agricola.

Tacitus. Annales.

The Taming of a Shrew (anon play, perf. 1589).

Tarlton’s News out of Purgatory (1590).

Tasso, Torquato. Aminta (Italian play, 1581).

Taverner, Richard. The Second Book of the Garden of Wisdom (1539).

Terence. Adelphi.

Terence. Heautontimoroumenos.

Teixeira, José. A Continuation of the Lamentable and Admirable Adventures of Don Sebastian, King of Portugal. Trans. Anthony Munday (?) (1602).

Teixeira, José. The Strangest Adventure that Ever Happened. Trans. Anthony Munday (1601).

Teixeira, José. The True History of the Late and Lamentable Adventures of Don Sebastian, King of Portugal. Trans. anon (1602).

Textor, Ravisius. Thersites (Latin play, pr. 1530).

Thevet, André. The New Found World or Antarctik. Trans. anon. (1568).

Thomas, William. The History of Italy (1549).

Timmannus, Albertus. De Alfonso Rege Aragonum et Naepolis Oratio (1573).

Timon (anon. play, perf. 1586).

Titus Andronicus, The History of (f. pr. C18).

Tourneur, Cyril(?). The Revenger’s Tragedy (perf. 1606).

Tragical End of a Gallant Lord, A Lamentable Ballad of the (ballad, f. pr. c.1625).

Trial of Treasure, The (interlude, pr. 1567).

Troublesome Reign of John, King of England, Parts 1 and 2, The (perf. 1588).

True Discourse of the Army which the King of Spain Assembled in Lisbon, A. Trans. anon. (1588).

True Report of Sundry Horrible Conspiracies to Have Taken Away the Life of the Queen’s Majesty, A (1594).

True Tragedy of Richard III, The (perf. 1591).

Two Most Unnatural and Bloody Murders (1605).