Sources beginning with the letter R

Rabelais, François. Gargantua (1534).

Raleigh, Walter. The History of the World (1614).

Raleigh, Walter [sic]. The Life and Death of Mahomet (1637).

Rankins, William. Seven Satires Applied to the Week (1598).

Rare Triumphs of Love and Fortune, The (perf. 1582).

Rastell, John. Of Gentleness and Nobility (interlude, pr. 1525).

Redford, John. Wit and Science (MS. interlude, wr. Before 1547).

The Relation of the Death of that Great Generalissimo … the Duke of Meckleburg (pamphlet, 1634).

1 Return from Parnassus, The (play, perf. 1600).

The Revenger’s Tragedy (perf. 1606).

Reynard the Fox, The History of. Trans. William Caxton (1481).

Reynoldes, Richard. The Foundation of Rhetoric (1563).

Reynolds, John. The Triumphs of God’s Revenge upon the Crying and Execrable Sin of Murder (collection of tales, 1621).

1 Richard II, or Thomas of Woodstock (perf. 1592).

Riche, Barnabe. The Adventures of Brusanus, Prince of Hungaria (1592).

Riche, Barnabe. Riche his Farewell to the Military Profession (1581).

Ridley, Mark. A Short Treatise of Magnetical Bodies and Motions (1613).

Robin Hood and Queen Katherine (ballad, date unknown).

Robin Hood Rescuing Three Squires (ballad, var. versions, date unknown).

Robin Hood Rescuing Will Stutley (ballad, date unknown).

Robin Hood’s Chase (ballad, date unknown).

Robinson, Clement, ed. A Handful of Pleasant Delights (verse anthology, pr. c.1575).

Robinson, Richard, ed. Gesta Romanorum (f. pr. 1502).

Rowlands, Samuel [attrib.]. Greene’s Ghost-Haunting Conycatchers (1602).

Rowley, Samuel. When You See Me, You Know Me (perf. 1604).

Rowley, William, and John Webster. A Cure for a Cuckold (perf. 1624).

Rufus, Quintus Curtius. The History of Quintus Curcius, Containing the Acts of the Great Alexander. Trans. John Brende (1553).