Sources beginning with the letter L

Laertius, Diogenes. De Philosophorum Vitis.

Le Fevre, Raoul. Recuyell of the Histories of Troy. Trans. William Caxton (pr. 1475?).

Le Loyer, Pierre. A Treatise of Spectres or Strange Sights (1605). Trans. Zachary Jones (1605).

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Libianus. Declamations.

Libianus. De Muliere Loquaci. Trans. Marellus (1597).

Livy. Ab Urbe Condita, [i.e. The History of Rome].

Lodge, Thomas. An Alarum Against Usurers (1584).

Lodge, Thomas. ‘The Complaint of Elstred’. Pr. with Phyllis: Honoured with Pastoral Sonnets (1593).

Lodge, Thomas. The Famous, True and Historical Life of Robert, Second Duke of Normandy, Surnamed Robert the Devil (1591).

Lodge, Thomas. Rosalynd: Euphues’ Golden Legacy (1590).

Long Charter of Christ, The (MS., medieval poem).

Long Meg of Westminster, The Life and Pranks of (1582).

Lowe, Peter. Discourse of the Whole Art of Chirurgery (1597).

Lucan. De Bello Civili, a.k.a Pharsalia.

Lucian. Dialogues of the Dead.

Lucian. The Judgement of the Goddesses.

Lucian. Lexiphanes.

Lucian. The Dream, or, Lucian’s Career.

Lucian. Timon, or, The Misanthrope.

Lucian. Toxaris, or, Friendship.

Lucian. A True Story.

Lupton, Thomas. Siuqila: Too Good to Be True (two-part dialogue, 1580-1).

Lydgate, John [attrib.]. The Assembly of Gods (pr. c.1500).

Lydgate, John. ‘Measure is Treasure’ (MS. poem, wr. C15).

Lydgate, John. 'Order of Fools' (MS. poem, wr. C15).

Lydgate, John. ‘A Song of Just Measure’ (MS. poem, wr. C15).

Lydgate, John. The Story of Thebes, pr. in Speght’s edtn. of Chaucer (1598).

Lyly, John. Campaspe (perf. 1598).