Sources beginning with the letter G

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Gernuthus, a Jew, A Ballad Showing the Extreme Cruelty of (

Gesner, Conrad. Historia Animalium (1603).

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Glapthorne, Henry. The Hollander (perf. 1636).

Glapthorne, Henry. The Lady Mother (perf. 1635).

Godly Warning for all Maidens, A [a.k.a. Young Bateman (ballad, date uncertain).

Golding, Arthur. A Brief Discourse of the Late Murder of Master G. Saunders (1573).

Goodcole, Henry. The Wonderful Discovery of Elizabeth Sawyer, a Witch late of Edmonton (1621).

Goodman, Nicholas. Holland's Leaguer: or, an Historical Discourse of the Life and Actions of Dona Britannica Hollandia (1632).

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Greek Anthology, The.

Greene, Robert. Ciceronis Amor: Tully's Love: Wherein is Discoursed the Prime of Cicero's Youth (1589).

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Greene, Robert. Penelope's Web: Wherein a Crystal Mirror of Feminine Perfection Represent Virtues and Graces (1587).

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Guicciardini, Francesco. The History of Guicciardin. Trans. Geoffrey Fenton (1599).