Sources beginning with the letter F

Fabyan, Robert. The New Chronicles of England and of France (1516).

Famous Victories of Henry V, The (play, perf. c.1588).

Farce d’un Pardonneur d’un Triacleur, et d’une Tavernière, La (date uncertain).

Farce Nouvelle du Pasté, La (French play, c.1500).

Faust-Book, English: a.k.a The History of the Damnable Life and Deserved Death of Doctor John Faustus. Trans. P.F. (1592).

Favyn, André. The Theatre of Honour and Knighthood. Trans. anon (1623).

Fazio, Barthelemy. De Rebus Gestis de Alphonso Primo Neapolitanarum Rege Commentariorum Libri Decem (1560).

Field, Nathan, and Philip Massinger. The Fatal Dowry (perf. 1619).

Fiorentino, Giovanni. Il Pecerone (pr. 1558).

Flaccus, Marcus Verrius. De Verborum Significatione. Abr. Sextus Pompeius Festus.

Fletcher, John, and Philip Massinger(?). Beggar’s Bush (perf. c.1615-22).

Fletcher, John, and Philip Massinger. The Custom of the Country (perf. 1620).

Fletcher, John (rev. by Philip Massinger?). The Elder Brother (perf. c.1625).

Fletcher, John. The Faithful Shepherdess (perf. 1608-9).

Fletcher, John. The Humorous Lieutenant (perf. c1619).

Fletcher, John, and Francis Beaumont. The Maid’s Tragedy (perf. 1608-11).

Fletcher, John, and Philip Massinger. The Sea Voyage (perf. 1622).

Fletcher, John. A Wife for a Month (perf. 1624).

Fletcher, John. Women Pleased (perf. 1620).

Florio, John, trans. A Letter Lately Written From Rome …Wherein is Declared the Sudden Death of Pope Gregory the Thirteenth, The Lection of the New Pope [etc.] (1585).

Ford, John. The Lover’s Melancholy (perf. 1628).

Fortescue, Thomas, trans. The Forest, or, Collection of Histories (1571).

Fortini, Pietro. Novelle de’ Novizi (Italian novel, not pr. until C18).

Fortunate, the Deceived, and the Unfortunate Lovers, The. Trans. anon. (1632).

Fortunatus (Volksbuch, var. eds.).

Foxe, John. Acts and Monuments (f. pr. 1563).

Frederick of Jennen (English tale, f. pr. Antwerp, 1518).

Friar Bacon, The Famous History of (f. pr. 1627).

Froissart, Jean. The Chronicles of England, France… [etc.]. Trans. Lord Berners (1523).

Fulwell, Ulpian. Like Will to Like (pr. 1568).