Sources beginning with the letter B

B., R. Apius and Virginia (play, pr. 1575).

Bacon, Francis. The History of the Reign of King Henry the Seventh (1622).

Baldwin, William. A Mirror for Magistrates (1559).

Bale, John. The Acts of English Votaries (1546).

Bale, John. A Brief Chronicle Concerning the Examination and Death of the Martyr Sir John Oldcastle, the Lord Cobham (1546).

Bandello, Matteo. Novelle (1554).

Barbadillo, Salas. El Sagaz Estacio (1620).

Barker, Andrew. A True and Certain Report of the Beginning, Proceedings, Overthrows, and Now Present Estate of Captain Ward and Danseker, the Two Late Famous Pirates (1609).

Barksted, William. Hiren: or, The Fair Greek (1611).

Barlow, William. Magnetical Advertisements: or, Diverse Pertinent Observations (1616).

Barlow, William. The Navigator’s Supply (1597).

Barnevelt Displayed, or the Golden Legend of New St. John (1619).

Barnavelt’s Apology, or Holland Mystery (1618).

Barry, Lording. Ram Alley (perf. 1608).

Beaumont, Francis. The Knight of the Burning Pestle (perf. 1607).

Beaumont, Francis. The Masque of the Inner Temple and Gray’s Inn (1613).

Beaumont, Francis, and John Fletcher. The Coxcomb (perf. 1609).

Beaumont, Francis, and John Fletcher. The Scornful Lady (perf. 1613).

Blind Beggar’s Daughter of Bethnal Green, The (ballad, date uncertain).

Bellan, Le Seigneur de. 'L’Histoire de Ruid Dias, et de Quixaire, Princesse des Moloques' (French novel, 1615; pub. with the French trans. of Cervantes’ Novelas Exemplares (1615)

Belleforest, François de. Histoires Traguiques (collection of tales, pr. 1560-1580).

Ben Gorion, Joseph (translator of Josephus). A Compendious and Most Marvelous History of the Latter Times of the Jews’ Commonweal. Trans. Peter Morwyng (1558).

Benivenius, Antonio. De Abditis Nonnulis Morborum Causis (1507).

Bible, The.

Biddulph, William. The Travels of Certain Englishmen into Africa, Asia and the Black Sea . Ed. T. Lavender (1609).

Bignon, Jerome. A Brief, but an Effectual Treatise of the Election of Popes (1605)

Boaistuau, Pierre. Histoires Traguiques (collection of tales, 1559).

Boccaccio, Giovanni. Decamerone (collection of tales, 1471).

Boccaccio, Giovanni. Philocopo [orig. Filocolo]. Trans. H.G. (1566-7).

Boccaccio, Giovanni. Theseida (f. pr. 1475).

Bodin, Jean. The Six Books of a Commonweal. Trans. Richard Knolles (1606).

Boethius, Hector [a.k.a. Boece]. The History and Chronicles of Scotland. Trans. J. Bellenden (c.1540).

Bonarelli, Guidobaldo detto L’Aggiunto. Filli di Sciro (Italian play, 1607).

Bright, Timothy. A Treatise of Melancholy (1584).

Brissonius, Barnabe. De Regio Persarum Principatu (1590).

Brome, Richard. The Weeding of Covent Garden (perf. 1632).

Brooke, Arthur. The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet (verse narrative, 1562).

Browne, William. Britannia’s Pastorals: The Second Book (1616).

Buchanan, George. Rerum Scoticarum Historia (1582).

Burton, Robert. The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621).