Sources beginning with the letter A

Accademia degli Intronati. Gl’Ingannati. (Italian play, f. pr. 1537).

Achelley, Thomas. A Most Lamentable and Tragical History … [of] Violenta (verse narrative, 1576).

Adam of Cobsam. The Wright's Chaste Wife (MS. poem, wr. 1460).

Aelian (Claudius Aelianus). Historical Miscellany.

Aesop. Fables.

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Antonio, Don of Guevara. The Dial of Princes. Trans. Thomas North (1557).

Antonio, Prior of Crato. The Explanation of the True and Lawful Right and Title of the Most Excellent Prince Anthony, the First of That Name, King of Portugal (1585).

Apollodorus. The Library.

Appian. Roman History.

Appolonius of Tyre. The Pattern of Painful Adventures. Trans. Laurence Twine (1594).

Apuleius. Metamorphoseon, a.k.a. The Golden Ass.

Aretino, Pietro. Il Marescolo (Italian play, 1534).

Ariosto, Lodovico. Orlando Furioso (Italian verse narrative, 1516).

Ariosto, Lodovico. I Suppositi (Italian play, 1536).

Aristophanes. Ecclesiazusae.

Aristophanes. Plutus.

Aristophanes. Thesmophoriazusae.

Aristotle. The Nichomachean Ethics.

Arraignment of Sir J. van Olden Barnavelt, The (1619).

Averell, William. A Marvellous Combat of Contrarieties (1588).