Thomas Rawlins



a synoptic, alphabetical character list


Alerzo is a Spanish colonel. Alerzo travels regularly with Fulgentio and Pandolpho. Alerzo praises Antonio for bravery and is accused by the Count of being a flatterer. When Antonio is accused of treason by the Governor and Machvile, Alerzo protests Antonio's innocence. Alerzo announces that Machvile must succeed the Governor. When Sebastian (disguised as Giovanno) promises to defeat Raymond, Alerzo is skeptical and attacks Sebastian for his impudence. Even after Sebastian defeats Raymond, Alerzo shows him disrespect. Alerzo returns to the stage near the conclusion to witness Machvile and Raymond's demises.


Antonio is a Spanish count admired by a majority of his fellow soldiers. When praised by his colonels, Antonio chides his men for their obvious attempts at flattery. Antonio is furious when he comes upon his sister Evadne in the embrace of Sebastian disguised as a tailor named Giovanno. Antonio unknowingly becomes the target of Machvile's obsessively jealous plot. Machvile convinces the Governor that Antonio has made a secret agreement with the enemy French. Although his colonels defend his honor, Antonio is denounced as a traitor. In a fury, Antonio stabs to death the Governor for making the accusation. Once Machvile becomes prisoner, Antonio is arrested. Antonio escapes with the assistance of a group of tailors led by Sebastian disguised as Giovanno. While sleeping, Antonio dreams of Cupid who presents the image of a beautiful young made saving Antonio from Death. Cupid (Love) sends Antonio to Flanders in search of the woman in the dream. When Antonio sets out after his dream vision, he is arrested and placed into the hands of his family's sworn enemy Petruchio. His dream lover appears in the person of Aurelia, Petruchio's daughter, and she requests the honor of crushing Antonio to death beneath Filford Mill. Fortunately for Antonio, Aurelia is smitten by Antonio and helps him escape rather than kills him. While fleeing Aurelia's father, Antonio and Aurelia meet Evadne and Aurelia's brother Sebastian. Antonio and Sebastian agree to end the hostilities between the two houses. When Antonio meets Philip, the king promises to facilitate Antonio and Evadne's union. Antonio goes to Machvile's court disguised as a Frenchman and delivers poison to Auristella. At the conclusion of the play, Antonio is stabbed to death by a mortally wounded Machvile. With his dying breaths, Antonio accepts his demise as just punishment for the Governor's murder. Antonio is given a proper military funeral and his love Aurelia devotes herself to a convent.


Aurelia is Petruchio's daughter and Sebastian's sister. Aurelia appears first onstage in one of Antonio's dreams. In the dream, Aurelia rescues Antonio from Death. When Antonio meets Aurelia, she asks to be allowed to kill him herself. Instead of killing Antonio, however, Aurelia frees him and flees her father with him. Aurelia is reunited with her brother Sebastian and his beloved Evadne in the woods. When Antonio is killed at the conclusion of the play, Aurelia eagerly accepts Petruchio's instructions that she enter a convent.


Auristella is Machville's wife. She shares her husband's dearth of ethical values as well as his wealth of ambitious desires. Auristella reveals to her husband that she would sacrifice anything in order to be queen for a single day. Auristella recoils at the thought of sharing power and glory with Philippa, the Amazon wife of Raymond. Auristella wholeheartedly supports Machvile's plan to double-cross Raymond. Once Machvile seizes power, Auristella prepares to be crowned by the senate and hires a disguised Antonio to secure poison with which to kill Philippa. Auristella is fatally stabbed by the poisoned Philippa and dies unrepentant.


A bloody soldier informs Raymond that the Spanish forces have re-grouped and have taken the momentum in battle.


The brave is hired by Machvile to assassinate Raymond. The Brave hides under a table and stabs Raymond. The Brave is killed by Raymond's wife Philippa.


The Captain leads a group of ruffians and is responsible for the kidnapping and attempted gang rape of Evadne. The Captain orders Evadne tied to a tree and offers her to his men after confessing his own impotence. The Captain refuses Evadne's request that he kill her rather than defile her.


Cupid appears to Antonio in a dream and instructs him to go to Flanders. Cupid shows Antonio a vision of Aurelia saving him from death.


Death appears to Antonio in a dream. In the dream, Death strikes at Antonio three times; however, in each case, Death is diverted by Aurelia.


Evadne is Antonio's sister. Evadne falls in love with Sebastian who is disguised as a tailor named Giovanno. On one occasion, Evadne is caught by Antonio in Sebastian's arms. After Antonio kills the Governor, Evadne is first placed by Machvile under house arrest. She is subsequently banished. While in exile, Evadne is captured by a band of ruffians and tied to a tree for a gang-rape. Evadne tries in vain to convince the bandit captain to kill her rather than ravish her. Fortunately, Evadne is saved by Sebastian. While traveling with Sebastian, Evadne is reunited with Antonio and his love Aurelia. Antonio blesses Evadne's union with Sebastian and ends hostilities between their houses. Evadne and Sebastian are engaged at the conclusion of the play.


Firenzo is a French colonel in the service of Raymond.


Fulgentio is a Spanish colonel who travels frequently with Alerzo and Pandolpho. Fulgentio praises Antonio for bravery and is accused by the Count of being a flatterer. When Antonio is accused of treason by the Governor and Machvile, Fulgentio protests Antonio's innocence. When Sebastian (disguised as Giovanno) promises to defeat Raymond, Fulgentio is skeptical and attacks Sebastian for his impudence. Even after Sebastian defeats Raymond, Fulgentio shows him disrespect. Fulgentio calls Raymond to Machvile for a meeting. Fulgentio returns to the stage near the conclusion to witness Machvile and Raymond's demises.


Gilberty is a French colonel who serves Raymond.


Giovanno is the name Sebastian assumes as a disguise in his pursuit of Evadne. Giovanno is a tailor who travels with a group of tailors, including the Old Tailor and Virmine. As Giovanno, Sebastian is accosted by Antonio for kissing Evadne and attacked by a trio of Spanish Colonels for impudence. As Giovanno, Sebastian becomes the object of Evadne's nurse's attention. Sebastian later assumes other disguises, but always maintains the comradeship of Giovanno's tailors.


The Governor is a Spanish regional leader who meets with Machvile and Antonio concerning the immanent invasion by France. The Governor is duped by Machvile into believing that Antonio has entered into a league with the French against the Spanish. The Governor enrages Antonio to such a degree with the accusation that antonio stabs and kills the Governor. It is for this crime that Antonio spends the rest of the play a fugitive. It is for this crime that Antonio ultimately dies.


Leonis is a French colonel in service to Raymond.


Machvile is a Spanish count who is insanely envious of the heroic and popular Antonio. Machvile engineers Antonio's downfall by convincing the Governor that Antonio has entered into league with the enemy French. As a result of the Governor's death, Machvile has a passable excuse to arrest Antonio and banish Evadne. Machvile, along with his equally ambitious and murderous wife Auristella, seize control of the city after the Governor is killed by Antonio. Machvile, not Antonio, is the character who creates a secret alliance with Raymond, the French general. Machvile also banished Sebastian, disguised as Giovanno. When Philip arrives to restore order to the region, Machvile accuses the King of treason. Before Machvile can seize the Spanish crown, Machvile is mortally killed by a dying Raymond. In a final act of cruelty, a dying Machvile mortally wounds Antonio.


The nurse attends Evadne. She believes that Sebastian (disguised as Giovanno) is interested in marrying her. In fact, Sebastian is using the nurse to gain access to Evadne. Sebastian suggests to Evadne that the nurse's gums stink worse than a pest-house.


The old tailor enters the play with Sebastian (disguised as Giovanno) and a group of tailors. The old tailor is resolved to fight bravely for Spain in the war. The old tailor and Sebastian find a sleeping Antonio after Antonio has murdered the Governor. It is the old tailor who overhears Machvile speak to Raymond about a plot. The old tailor informs Sebastian and goes to inform King Philip about the troubles. The old tailor informs Sebastian that Evadne has been banished by Machvile. The old tailor provides Antonio and Sebastian with disguises so that they might infiltrate the court of Machvile and Raymond. The old tailor informs Virmine that he will not be performing at the end of the play. King Philip tells the old tailor to spread the word that the king had held court in the dwelling of a tailor.


Pandolpho is a Spanish colonel who travels regularly with Alerzo and Fulgentio. Pandolpho praises Antonio for bravery and is accused by the Count of being a flatterer. When Antonio is accused of treason by the Governor and Machvile, Pandolpho protests Antonio's innocence. When Sebastian (disguised as Giovanno) promises to defeat Raymond, Pandolpho is skeptical and attacks Sebastian for his impudence. Even after Sebastian defeats Raymond, Pandolpho shows him disrespect. Pandolpho returns to the stage near the conclusion to witness Machvile and Raymond's demises.


Petruchio is the Governor of Filford and is Sebastian and Aurelia's father. Antonio is remanded into Petruchio's custody for execution. Specifically, Petruchio is to see to it that Antonio is crushed to death at Filford Mill. Petruchio is tricked by Aurelia into placing her in charge of the killing. After Aurelia releases Antonio, Petruchio erroneously believes that Aurelia is saying her prayers. At the end of the play, Petruchio blesses Sebastian's engagement to Evadne and sends Aurelia to a convent in recognition of her bond with the dead Antonio.


Philip is summoned by the Old Tailor to stop Machvile's abuse of power. The King pardons Antonio for killing the Governor. Philip also offers Aurelia to Antonio as a bride and promises to dispel Petruchio's opposition. The King is familiar with Antonio and Sebastian's plan to infiltrate Machvile and Raymond's forces. The King orders an appropriate burial for Antonio and tells the Old Tailor to spread the word that a king held court in a tailor's house.


Philippa is a proud Amazon wife to the French general Raymond. It is important to Philippa that she not be humiliated as a prisoner of war to the Spanish. Philippa and Raymond work in unison throughout the play. Although she is an enemy to the play's leading figures, Philippa demonstrates much more honor than her co-conspirator Auristella. Philippa is spied upon by Sebastian, disguised as Philippa's tailor. Philippa is poisoned by Auristella. Before dying, Philippa slays the Brave who murders Raymond. She also stabs Auristella to death.


Raymond is a Moor who serves as a general of the French forces. He is married to the Amazon Philippa. Raymond enters into league with Machvile and is betrayed by the Spanish count. Raymond suffers inopportune lapses in judgement by trusting Machvile and by offering his official ring to Antonio, who is disguised as a Frenchman. Machvile pays a Brave to assassinate Raymond and Antonio uses the authority of Raymond's ring to dispel the French forces from the region. Raymond's dying wish is to see his beloved Philippa.


A band of ruffians kidnap Evadne after she has been banished by Machvile. The bandits tie Evadne to a tree, but are chased away by Sebastian before they can molest her.


Sebastian is Petruchio's son and Aurelia's brother. Sebastian assumes the disguise of Giovanno, a tailor, in order to gain access to Evadne. It is revealed that Sebastian and Evadne's houses are enemies. In order to maintain access to Evadne, Sebastian (as Giovanno) must pretend to woo Evadne's nurse. Sebastian is caught kissing Evadne in his disguise by Antonio. After Antonio is arrested for the murder of the Governor, Sebastian and his tailor band free Antonio. Sebastian goes temporarily insane after the banished Evadne eludes his search. He finds Evadne's scarf and arrives just in the nick of time to save his love from a band of ruffians. Once Sebastian sleeps off his madness, he and Evadne meet Antonio and Aurelia. The young gentlemen agree to cease the hostilities between their houses and thereafter refer to one another as brothers. Sebastian serves the cause of Spain's Philip by disguising as Philippa's tailor in order to infiltrate the enemy court. At the conclusion of the play, Sebastian and Evadne are engaged.


There is a group of Spanish tailors that accompany Sebastian (disguised as Giovanno) and the old tailor throughout the play. The tailors assist Sebastian in rescuing Antonio after the latter has been arrested for the Governor's murder. The tailors collectively mourn Sebastian's banishment and sing songs about how they grope female clients while taking measurements. The tailors spend a great deal of time preparing for a play that will tell the stories of Jeronimo, Horatio and Prince Balthazar; however, they play is never presented.


Trotter is a bandit in the band of ruffians that kidnap and attempt to gang rape Evadne. Trotter asks the Captian to be the first to molest Evadne. Trotter is chased away by Sebastian, who he mistakes for Orlando the Furious.


Virmine is one of the tailors of Spain seen onstage regularly with the Old Tailor. Virmine expresses an interest in eating food and avoiding war. Virmine appears at the end of the play onstage wearing a cloak for the prologue. He is told by the old tailor that he will not be performing for the king after all.